TPC Ltd (Total Process Cooling)


TPC specialises in chillers. We have an excellent range available with capacities from 1kW upwards. We offer tailor-made chillers with the latest technology and designs incorporated to suit customer requirements.

Air Blast Coolers

TPC air blast coolers are also made with care to reduce maintenance costs and health and safety issues. Our air blast cooler units are available from 10kW upwards.

Adiabatic Dry Air Coolers

TPC adiabatic dry air coolers are a cost-effective solution for cooling challenges and are capable of supplying water temperatures to evaporative coolers. Health and safety concerns and maintenance costs are kept to a minimum with our excellent range of adiabatic dry air coolers.

Air and Water Cooled Chillers

Our air and water cooled chillers operate with eco-friendly refrigerants and are always factory tested prior to despatch. We have many varieties of air and water cooled chillers available with an online overview.

Free Cooling

We offer a free cooling service with a short payback period. Free cooling form TPC will not only benefit your chiller system, but will reduce your energy bills and carbon footprint.

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