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With over 20 years of considerable experience, Track Tek provide the highest quality log book service, parts and service to a vast customer clientele. We combine our expertise and highly-skilled Track Tek technicians to deliver exceptional service at the centre of new technology.

We are backed by many of the UK's primary motoring bodies and provide for the following models:

  • Subaru Servicing
  • Honda Servicing
  • Toyota Servicing
  • Nissan Servicing
  • Mitsubishi Servicing


Nissan Tuning

We provide an in-depth Nissan tuning service that benefits from our extensive experience with all maintenance and performance tuning.

We provide:

  • R35 GTR Tuning Options
  • 350Z Servicing
  • 200SX Servicing
  • Special Projects
  • GSC Engine Components
  • POWER FC & ECU Tuning

We are fully-equipped with fabrication facilities and diagnostic tools that can help deliver services that include inspection of engine oil, oil filter and full electrical and charging system. We also strip and clean F and R brakes and inspect disks, pads and lines.

Nissan Tuning

Mitsubishi Tuning

Our Mitsubushi tuning service offers a 10 percent discount for all MLR members.

Our services include:

  • EVO X Tuning
  • Colt CZT and Ralliart
  • EVO 7|8|9 Tuning Parts
  • EVO 4|5|6 Tuning Parts
  • GSC Engine Components

We supply a comprehensive selection of EVO tuning parts including decat pipe, exhaust systems, downpipe, intercoolers, and aluminium radiators.

Mitsubishi Tuning

Subaru Tuning

Our Subaru tuning service provides a range of applications including:

  • WRX | STi Technical
  • Performance Parts
  • Drivetrain Parts
  • Exterior Parts
  • GSC Engine Components

Our WRX and STI technical help can help you get the optimum performance from you car. With the correct combinations of modifications we can get your WRX and STI models running smooth, sleek and fast. Most modifications are bolt-ons and are based upon what driving characteristics you desire.

Subaru Tuning

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