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At Trade Electric Gates UK our Team will give you a professional service including free technical advice, given by engineers with vast experience, plus guaranteed next day delivery on our product ranges.

We are un-biased with our product ranges and can supply technical information on all of them. We only sell to trade customers. We can offer competitive trade prices, big discounts on intercom systems, audio, video, GSM and wireless, plus huge discounts in gate automation, both commercial and industrial.

Trade Electric Gates UK also offer Electro-Mechanical, Swing Gates and Sliding Gate Automation, Bollard Systems and Beams for Traffic Control, plus a wide variety of Remote Controls, Key Fobs and Transmitters.

Bespoke Services on Metal, Iron Work and Wooden Gates, plus an extensive budget range. Railings to your specification or choose from one of our designs plus competitive prices on Cattle Grids made to measure.

Gate Automation

Browse our gate automation by manufacturer in the following categories:

Please visit our website for more information.

Gate Automation


Our traffic barrier range includes the following:

  • BPT FADINI Barri 88 Barrier
  • CAME GARD 8 Barrier
  • FAAC 640 Barrier
  • NICE Signo Barrier Kits


Our range of bollards includes:

  • BFT Stoppy L Bollard: has a full 500mm extension and is fully raised in just 6 seconds
  • BPT FADINI Strabuc 930AC Bollard: similar to the Strabuc 930 but the AC (Air Cooled) has an added extra
  • CAME Luxor Bollard: Luxor is the ideal answer to the requirements of heavy duty private use and public applications
  • FAAC City Auto Bollard: activated by a signal from an access control device and is powered by a hydraulic system housed inside the foundation box in the ground.


Bewator Digipad K44 Codelock: The Bewator Digipad wires into the gate control equipment which enables a user to put in a 4 digit code which will send a signal to open the gate(s)/door.

Diracom DECT (Wireless): Combined Audio & Digipad Surface Mounted Intercom System

Diracom GSM Wireless Entry Systems: Diracom GSM wireless entry system will call your existing phone system, allowing you to speak with the caller and operate the automated doors and gates from your current telephone handset.

VIDEX 4000 GSM Wireless Entry Systems: please visit our website for more information.

Videx Audio- 3K1S: A 1 Button kit including a surface mount door panel [Dimensions: 140mm(W), 168.5mm(H), 62mm(D)] with call button and name plate, a 12Vac 15VA DIN box transformer and a wall mountable handset with electronic call tone and door release facility.

Videx Audio & Keypad 3K1S CL: The Videx Audio & Keypad system enables you to speak to the person at the gate using the intercom/telephone.

Videx Videophone & Keypad: The Videx Videophone & Keypad enables you to speak to the person at the gate using the intercom/telephone.


Hearing Loop Systems

Since 1 October 2004, Part 3 of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) 1995 has required that service providers and employers take reasonable steps to tackle physical features that act as a barrier to disabled people.

Electric gates, barrier and door entry systems are now being reviewed to comply with this legislation, in particular providing induction loops for the hearing impaired.This creates a tremendous business opportunity from your existing client base as the market is untapped.

We are the first in the UK to offer this service in conjunction with the market leader for hearing loops. Our hearing systems can be installed by yourself or by us if you prefer, and we can either adapt the voice communication part of your existing gating system or provide a simple add on.

Hearing Loop Systems

Control Panels

Our range of control panels includes:

  • BFT ALTAIR P Control Board: Control panel for one or two 230v electro-mechanical motors
  • BPT FADINI ELPRO 33 Control Board:
  • CAME Z230 Control Board: A 230V A.C Control panel is the new generation of CAME Control panels for swing gates
  • FAAC 452 MPS Control Board: A 230V Control board for hydraulic and electro- mechanical operators
  • NICE MINDY A700F Control Board: Designed for two motors: microprocessor logic removable terminal boards
Control Panels

Safety Beams & Edges

Our safety beams and edges range includes:

  • BFT FLC 130: Miniature surface mounting photo electric cells.
  • CAME DOC I: One pair of flush mounted safety sensors complete with casing
  • FAAC - Photo Beams
  • NICE - Moonbus
Safety Beams & Edges

Loop Detectors

Loop Detectors

The Procon LD range of detectors is one of the best selling in the UK, with thousands sold every year to the automation and parking industry. They enjoy an excellent reputation for bullet proof reliability that is backed by a full two year warranty.

Specifically designed for ease of use, this quality range of detectors uses microprocessor based technology and offers great functionality.

Loop Cables

Loop cable is specifically designed for use in laying ground loops.

A high quality 1.5mm copper core creates a magnetic field, the insulator and rubber shield are water proof and heat resistant to withstand the hot bitumen used to back fill loop slots.

Loop Detectors

Gate Remotes

Please visit our website to view our full range of gate remotes from manufacturers including BFT, BPT, CAME, FAAC and NICE.

Gate Remotes

Cattle Grids

We can design, make and supply cattle grids to your needs. Please contact the office on 01425 475758 for more information.

Please see to the left our hedgehog friendly cattle grid:

  • The design is hedgehog friendly and allows escape away from the roadway.
  • The Highway grid is a robust, reliable and cost effective solution and is ideal for highway use.

British Standard BS4008 requires provision for small animal escape - typically by fitting ramp(s) in the corner(s) as shown in the second photo.

If required, the unused drainage ducts may also be used to usher small mammals and amphibians towards a safe exit away from the road surface.

Cattle Grids

Door Automation

Due to their automated nature there is no effort required on the part of the customer or visitor to the business premises and although they might not realise it, this plays an enormous part in customer happiness

It is now a legal requirement for businesses to offer ways to access their premises for the disabled. An automatic door can solve this issue easily.

It will also allow continuous flow of traffic and avoid queues forming whilst people hold open manual doors for others.An automatic door may also be more energy efficient because they will shut automatically when a visitor enters the building which will help keep the heat in the building making sure the business uses less energy.

We offer a comprehensive range of sliding or swing door automation equipment for both domestic and commercial customers. Models are available for different usage, from light domestic to heavy - duty operations including shops, airports, hospitals and large offices. Electric Gates UK provide safe, efficient and convenient means of opening and closing doors in a controlled environment.

Door Automation

Swing Sliders

Automatic Swing/Sliding Door Operators
Activation via push button, proximity detector, digital key pad or key fob

Opening time and speed can be fully adjusted

Safety sensors to ensure full safety for pedestrians

Anti-trap finger guards

Battery back- up in case of power failure

Can be linked to fire alarms

Internal or external installations

Installations in compliance with BS7036

Swing Sliders

Security Gates

Safety beams and photocells are a safety device for use on all gates which are automated

They are supplied as a pair, and the transmitter emits an infrared beam and the receiver receives the infrared beam.

When the beam between them both is broken, a signal is sent to the control board to stop and/or reverse the gates.

On most installations it is advisable to install a minimum of 2 pairs of photocells.

Safety edges allow sliding gates and hinge side of swing gates (between pillar and hinge side of gate).

A pressure sensitive safety edge fitted to the leading edge of the gate will prevent the gate from operating when it comes into contact with people and obstructions preventing crushing and injury.

A safety loop/induction loop is installed underground just out of the opening sweep of the gate.

This is to protect vehicles; when a vehicle is on top of the loop, the gate will not move.

The vehicle will have to be move from on top of the loop so the gates can operate.


Security Gates


Installing signs
on or next to the gate in clear view of pedestrians is very important to warn them of moving gates and a potential accident zone.

We advise the below signs are used, which we can personalise to include a company logo and telephone number if required.


Gate Automation

For information and more on Gate Automation

There is a variety of automation available for your gates whether they are swing gates or sliding gates.

Click here for more info

Gate Automation

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