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Traka PLC is one of the world's first electronic key management manufacturers.
  • Key Management
  • Key Control
  • Key Security
  • Key Cabinets
  • Electronic Tracking
  • Fork Truck Control
  • Traka Lockers
  • Asset Tracking
  • Asset Control
  • Access Control
  • Tracker Keys
  • Remote Key Box
  • iFob
  • Alcohol Testing
Our electronic key management products can:
  • Log problems experienced whilst using the asset
  • Interface into access control systems to check that keys have been returned
  • Include individual electronic key cabinets for remote access
  • Electronic lockers that only open to authorised staff
Traka electronic key security makes users accountable for the keys, reducing management risk and improving efficiency.

From casinos, military establishments, police forces, correctional institutions, famous landmarks and even royal households, Traka electronic key control cabinets help ensure that keys are only taken by authorised staff and that every key taken is accounted for. For building management, asset management and fleet management, Traka PLC offers a huge range of benefits.

Traka electronic key control systems are made of the highest quality components and are supplied and installed by experts in their fields. We take pride in our products and our customers always come first.

Call us today on 01234 712345 to discuss your individual access management requirements to suit your business needs.

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