Transceram GmbH


Manufacture of hard metal moldings and erosion blocks – also corrosion resistant, hard metal blanks and semi-finished products; production of drawing parts made of hard metals, silicon carbide and other technical ceramics according to customer specifications; wearing parts made of hard metals and technical ceramics for pumps (face rings, slide bearings, compression rings, valves, pistons, etc.) according to drawing; metal-ceramic components and ducts (sales)


Portfolio materials: hard metal (tungsten carbide); hard metal corrosion free; silicon carbide (SSiC & SiSiC); zirconium oxide (ZrO2); silicon nitride (Si3N4); aluminium oxide (Al2O3); metal-impregnated graphite.

Precision Grinding Services

Precision grinding services for hard materials and hard coatings; surface, cross, circular and coordinate grindings, flat and circular lapping and polishing; joining techniques: shrinking, soldering, adhesive bonding.

High-Performance Ceramics

Our products: ceramics for technical purposes, high-performance ceramics, slide bearings of ceramic, hard metal wearing parts for machines, hard metal blanks, ceramic slide rings, carbide bushings, silicon carbide ceramics, hardmetals, valves of high-performance ceramics.

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