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This method of shipping involves the transportation of Cars, 4X4s, Vans, Minibuses, Trucks, Tractors, Coaches and Buses under the decks of Large ships. The vehicles are driven or “Rolled On and Rolled Off” the vessels and strapped down to avoid any movements during transit. The RORO Vehicle Shipping Service is a useful money saving way of shipping vehicles as the cost is purely based on the amount of space the vehicle takes on the Vessel. RORO ships sail regularly from Tilbury, Sheerness, Southampton and Felixstowe ports. If you are unable to deliver your vehicle to the port of departure yourself, we can offer collection / delivery services.


We offer a regular, reliable and secure Container Shipping Service. The two main container sizes available are 20Ft and 40Ft Containers. You have the option of shipping your vehicle in a shared or sole use container. Vehicles are strapped down tight & secured to keep them from moving. Our in house loading team are experts in loading up to 6 vehicles in a 40ft high cube container enabling multiple vehicle exporters to keep costs to a minimum. One great advantage is you can load your personal belongings onto the container too. Most ships depart from major ports worldwide every 7–10 days. If you are unable to deliver your vehicle to our depot yourself, we can offer collection / delivery services.


The quickest way to move your car is by air. We can load vehicles into chartered aircraft, freight aircraft and also the cargo holds of commercial passenger jets. For shipping by air, your vehicle is loaded onto pallets and securely strapped down to avoid any movement. This is the most preferred option for high value, prestige, racing or exhibition cars. .


We provide a weekly road service through our fleet of International and Domestic vehicles throughout the UK and Europe. This is a “door to door” service. We have trucks collecting and delivering cars daily throughout France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Turkey and Northern Cyprus .


Transco Swift are experienced providers of reliable and rapid delivery services to manufacturing and other business operations on a European and multinational scale. An extensive knowledge of the European transport industry allows us to offer flexible logistic solutions for all destinations at short notice. The metal, energy and oil industries are a very important segment of our global project logistics activities. With a large database of reliable haulage contractors, Transco Swift has the flexibility to respond to requirements for express trailer shipments to and from Europe. We provide a fast service from any point of the country to any destination in Europe; we also have the flexibility of collecting anywhere in Europe and delivering back into the UK.

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