Transtherm Cooling Industries Ltd


UK based Transtherm Cooling Industries Ltd are a manufacturer and supplier of water cooling and pumping systems for various industries. Our products are intelligently designed to increase energy efficiemcy, reduce noise and provide relaible and fleixible solutions for customers.

Adiabatic Coolers

As an alternative for the traditional cooler towers we have designed the Adiabatc coolers which are signicantly lower maintenance and lower OPEX. Our Adiabatic coolers are the most advanced on the market and have been designed in conjunction with the Biological Agents Unit.

Air Blast Coolers

Our reliable and energy efficient air blast coolers have a range of smart features built in indcluding the latest heat exchangers, control technology and cooling fans.

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Hybrid Coolers

Another of our quality and reliable products is the Hybrid Coolers which has a number of features; a lower water temperature by the use of advanced technology, no need for regular chemical treatments which saves cost and also no need to register with local authorities.

Transflow Pump Set

For a classic 'fit and forget' solution we offer a range of transflow pump sets which are suitable for commercial and industrial use.


Air Cooler

Available for most standard refrigerant and steam-based condensers are Transtherms range of air cooled condensers that are designed and built at a high quality to comply with the Pressure Equipment Directive regulations.

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