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Tratos Ltd is a dedicated electrical cable manufacturer based in the UK and we offer a unique and customer driven service.

As a UK electrical cable manufacturer, our specialist stock list of fibre optic cables we are one of a kind and we can offer an extensive list of quality electrical products.

High to Low Power Cables

Within our extensive stock, we can supply high to low power cables in many varieties and practical features.

In our high to low power cable range we have:

  • High temperature cables – many with flexible conductors and constructed with high performance materials
  • Medium to low voltage cables – including booklet armoured cables, waveform service cables, all with varying insulations and designs.
High to Low Power Cables

Lift, Crane and Drum Reeling Cables

Tratos have specially designed and developed a series of lift, crane and drum reeling cables. We have considered many important factors with all types in the lift, crane and drum reeling cable range.

We provide including:

  • Operating temperature
  • Tensile stress
  • Bending radius
  • Operating speed
Lift, Crane and Drum Reeling Cables

Data and Instrumentation Cables

Data and instrumentation cables are designed for the connection of electronic equipment and computer systems.

Within our extent of data and instrumentation cables we will provide BS5308 un-armoured and armoured versions and LSHF and duct grade versions.

Data and Instrumentation Cables

Oil, Gas and Marine Cables

Tratos Ltd can supply many oil, gas and marine cables for the more specialist and sometimes harsh environments.

Oil, gas and marine cables in a stock include:

  • 657*TQ Un-armoured fixed shipboard cable for open decks.
  • 658*TQ Armoured offshore cable for fixed installation on open deck and offshore applications.
  • RFOU and BFOU Power and instrumentation, LSHF, mud and flame, where safety from toxic gases and smoke is paramount.
  • IEC 60332 UKOOA Mobile and fixed wiring on ships.
  • IEC 60332 / BS6883 Mobile and fixed wiring on ships.
Oil, Gas and Marine Cables

Lighting Cables

Tratos manufacture, several varieties of high performance lighting cables boasting many different features. Our airfield lighting cable range comes with variable insulation materials and jacketing colours to suit your requirements.

We also have a vast stock of lighting control cables designed for use in office developments and public buildings.

These include varieties such as:

  • E-Bus
  • M-Bus
  • C-Bus
  • T-Bus
Lighting Cables

Fire Resistant and Elastomeric Cables

Tratos manufacture various fire resistant and elastomeric cables designed to meet the requirements of specific environments for commercial and household use.

In our fire resistant and elastomeric cable ranges we include:

  • FIRESAFE TW950s (PH30) and TW950e series
  • H07RNF heavy duty rubber cables
  • H05RNF medium duty cables
  • H05RRF used for low mechanical strains.
Fire Resistant and Elastomeric Cables

PVC Flex Cables

Our PVC flex cables come in many forms enhancing the power performance for many applications.

Within our PVC flex cable range we have the following types:

  • H05VVF
  • H03VVF
  • H05V2V2
  • CY
  • SY
  • YY
PVC Flex Cables

Low Smoke, Halogen Free Cables

Low smoke, halogen free cables are varieties we can provide coming in these types:

  • 2491B (H05Z-K / H077Z-K) single core LSHF insulated
  • 6491B (H07Z-R) single core LSHF insulated
  • 318*B Flexible conductor, multi conductor LSHF insulated and sheathed, 300/500 volt

Low smoke, halogen free cables are used in fixed applications that are situated in environments where toxic fumes would cause danger to life or damage to equipment.

Low Smoke, Halogen Free Cables

Highways Cables

Highways cables are among the specialist products we can manufacture. Our highways cables are manufactured for the Highways Agency.

The range we have includes:

  • TR 2029 – Loop Detector Cable
  • TR 2031 – Loop Feeder Cable
  • TR 2150 – Non Armoured Communications Cable
  • TR 2151 – Non Armoured Fibre Optic
  • TR 2153 – Non Armoured Energy Cable
  • TR 2158 – Armoured Communications
  • TR 2159 – Armoured Fibre Optic
  • TR 2161 – Armoured Energy Cable
Highways Cables

Tratos Armaflex

Available to purchase with many beneficial factors, Tratos Armaflex can be used in ladder type cable ducting and direct burial. Tratos Armaflex also has the advantages of sustaining dry and wet locations and ventilated and non-ventilated environments.

Tratos Armaflex

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