Trax J H Ltd


Trax is a world leader in balance weight innovation and design 

Inventors of the CAM-BACK™ & TRAX-LOK™ balance weight technology

The Trax  brand is recognised to represent excellent performance and quality with high levels of customer service

Trax wheel balance weights are made by Trax JH Ltd, one of Europe’s largest producers. The company specialises in the design and manufacture of weights to Original Equipment (OE) specifications ensuring high performance and consistent quality. Exporting to over 25 countries, Trax is an international business

Zinc Weights for Steel Wheels

Trax product range of balance weights for steel wheels:

  • 200 Universal CAM-BACK™ weight-ensures the weight fits the widest range of steel wheels and ensures maximum retention.
  • 200C Universal (plastic coated)-The same as Series 200 but with added plastic coating to OE standards.

  • 222C Thin section steel wheels (plastic coated)-the series 222C gives high levels of retention on thin section steel wheels.

  • 840C Heavy duty steel wheels (vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes) (plastic coated)- This weight is designed to fit heavy duty steel wheels as found on light trucks up to 3.5 tonnes.Plastic coated to OE standards.

Zinc Weights for Alloys Wheels

Examples of products of balance weights for alloy wheels:

  • 326C Universal weight for alloy wheels (plastic coated)-Designed to fit most European cars with rim horns 4.5/6.5mm thick.
  • 326 Universal weight for alloy wheels (uncoated)-The same as series 326C but without coating.

  • 340C Japanese and thick section alloywheels (plastic coated)-Designed to fit thicker section alloy rim horns 6.5/7.5mm.

  • 324C High retention CAM-BACK™ weight for alloy wheels (plastic coated)-Developed with Ford for high levels of retention on alloy wheels.

  • 328C Renault 30-60g (plastic coated)-Developed with Renault to fit alloy rims 30g and over with improved fit and retention. For 25g and below use 326C.

Steel Weights for Steel Wheels

Reasons why  use steel as a material for balance weights:

  • more environmental - easier to recycle than zinc
  • longer term price stability (steel is not a traded commodity)
  • steel is the most commonly used material in vehicle production
  • steel is 20% more dense than zinc alloy


150C Universal steel weight for steel wheels TRAX-LOK™ (plastic coated):

The unique TRAX-LOK™ design offers the highest level of balance weight technology.  Incorporating the Trax® CAM BACK™ invention, this advanced design is easy to fit and will give superior retention. Plastic coated over zinc sacrificial plating to OE standards for high levels of corrosion resistance.

Steel Weights for Alloy Wheels

710C Universal steel weight for alloy wheels:

The weight incorporates the Trax CAM-BACK™ feature which improves weight retention. The clip and CAM-BACK™ design make this a very universal weight fitting across a wide range of alloy wheels.

To minimise corrosion, the back of the clip is lifted away from the alloy wheel which allows air to circulate.Plastic coated over zinc sacrificial plating to OE standards for high levels of corrosion resistance.

Steel Adhesive Strips

Why use steel for adhesive balance weights?

  • The best environmental solution. Easier to recycle than zinc or composites.
  • The most widely used automotive material.
  • The most ecological solution. Easy on the environment & groundwaters.
  • The best balance weight accuracy – more dense than zinc or composites.
  • A more stable price as it is not a traded commodity (unlike zinc).


605E Universal Adhesive Strip – 60g

610E Universal Adhesive Strip – 60g

615C Premium Universal Adhesive Strip – 60g. Plastic coated.

620E Extra Slimline Adhesive Strip 2.8mm high – 40g

630E Standard Adhesive Strip - 60g (for cars and motorcycles)

680C Heavy Duty Adhesive Strip – 100g Truck & 4x4

Steel Adhesive Rolls

Adhesive Rolls :e asy to use & no plastic spools to waste

2 choices – STANDARD or PREMIUM:

Steel Adhesive ¿ Original Equipment

Trax  has pioneered the use of steel as a material for adhesive balance weights & steel is the natural choice as a balance weight material.

611C Slimline 60g strip 3.8mm high

650C Heavy Duty 6.8mm high (up to 100g)

660C Standard 5.8mm high (up to 80g)

670C Slimline 3.8mm high (up to 60g)

Motorsport Adhesive Weights

Fitted by Bridgestone, Trax non-lead adhesive weights are used on FORMULA 1 & GP2 racing cars and MotoGP world championship motorbike racing. Made from soft tin alloy, these weights can be cut to size and be formed to ensure a good fitment to the rim diameter. Processes have been put in place to enable the recycling of these tin weights.

Truck Weights

An example of the TRAX product range of balance weights for truck wheels :

810 Tubeless truck. LEAD

840C Heavy duty steel wheels - vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes. ZINC

680C Truck & 4x4 adhesive strip 100g (4x25g). STEEL

850 Extra heavy duty truck adhesive weight 200g (4x50g). LEAD

Motorcycle Weights« back to products

An example of the TRAX product range of balance weights for alloy wheels is listed below:

630E Standard Motorcycle Strip - 60g STEEL: Ideal as a universal weight for motorcycles. 15mm wide, this weight can be cut to size.

635C Black Adhesive Motorcycle Strip – 60g STEEL:  A black plastic coated adhesive strip ideal for black motorcycle wheels. 15 mm wide.

950 Motorcycle adhesive – 50g LEAD:  A lead strip with 2.5g and 5g segments. 11mm wide.

660C Premium – 5 to 30g (in 5g increments):  Individual single piece steel weights with high quality plastic coating and adhesive tape. A premium product to OE standards

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