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Trelleborg seals, damps and protects to secure people and processes in demanding environments throughout the world. We are a global company that employs over 20,000 people in 40 Countries through four main Business Areas; Engineered Systems, Sealing Solutions, Automotive and Wheel Systems.

Trelleborg Offshore

Trelleborg Offshore is a significant part of the Trelleborg Engineered Systems Business Area and has a dedicated global platform that has grown dramatically because of our proven expertise in solving our customers’ problems. We have done this though: -
  • Applying our extensive polymer, rubber and syntactic composite materials knowledge.
  • Providing design led innovative product solutions consistently and cost effectively.
  • Developing world beating manufacturing process and procedures.
  • Strong financial stability and governance.
Great words but without a very real and consistent customer endorsement across our chosen markets we could not have achieved the growth and standing we enjoy today. We have a reputation built on decades of experience in offshore O&G projects with an emphasis on customer service, design innovation, timely execution & team accountability. A status confirmed through independent research where we are considered to be a first choice supplier to many key industry OEM’s, contractors and operators.   Visit our website for more information

Syntactic Foam Products

Trelleborg Offshore is the world's largest manufacturer of syntactic foam products, the only OEM supplier which makes all major components internally and the leading expert and supplier of Rubber blast and fire protection, suppression and containment products. With over 15 locations in Europe and the Americas we are able to supply what you want, when you want, where you need™. Our dedicated and highly skilled staff is always on hand to provide you with a seamless process from initial idea, through to delivery and beyond.

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Unique Topside Solutions

 Trelleborg Offshore design, develop and manufacture a wide range of solutions for the Topside market. Our drive to continually innovate enables us to develop unique solutions to meet your needs. You can depend on us to provide protection in the most critical and demanding applications. We use our knowledge of the unique properties of rubber to provide both active and passive fire protection as well as corrosion protection and over bend control solutions in the offshore oil and gas market.

Comprehensive Surface Products

Our established competencies in polymer engineering and the production of buoyancy product enable us to provide the surface market with a comprehensive range of products. We ensure that our customers receive the best possible solution to meet their specific requirement. Previous made to order solutions include buoyancy, fenders and specialist cable protection for seismic applications.

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Subsea Products

Our innovative design and material development has earned us the status of being the supplier of choice for subsea foam buoyancy systems. We produce a wide range of high performance composite syntactic foams and external coatings that ensure optimal performance even under high pressures. To meet your specific needs, Trelleborg has applications that range from subsea mooring/support solutions to ROV/AUV buoyancy.

Seabed & Downhole Products

Our seabed products have a proven track record for offering protection against impact and abrasion for cables and pipelines. These offerings include over bend control, cable & flowline protection and thermal insulation solutions. We also offer downhole specialists a range of innovative products and technologies to help them overcome the many challenges they faced in today’s market sector.

Manufacturing Excellence

This wide variety of materials and systems will only perform as anticipated if correctly processed and manufactured. Our substantial expertise in this area is a critical part in ensuring the overall long term performance of all our products.

Trelleborg Offshore’s innovation and R&D programs not only focus on product and material developments but also on manufacturing excellence. Our facilities include computer controlled equipment where system ingredients are automatically metered from bulk storage tanks. Mixing takes place to pre-programmed cycles ensuring the correct end product.


Trelleborg Offshore is registered with BSi and holds the ISO9001:2008 certification for multiple manufacturing facilities.

Materials samples are taken, checked and retained for quality control purposes. Test reports are generated and form part of any final Manufacturing Data Book (MBD) as you need.

Depending on the project requirements a dedicated project manager will be assigned and specific quality plans and documentation will be adopted for the scope of supply in accordance with industry recognized project practices.


Our quality system includes sample and full scale product testing that replicates the extreme conditions generated by subsea applications. Specific material mechanical properties are also tested to ensure correct processing.

We have significant in house testing capability with all the necessary equipment and qualified personnel to conduct a wide range of tests including batch testing and factory acceptance testing.

Trelleborg Offshore has several comprehensive physical test laboratories and a calibration system fully compliant with ISO 10012-1.

We also design and construct full scale test rigs for design verification when required. Testing is completed at Trelleborg Offshore facilities and regularly witnessed by clients, third party inspectors and independent type approval bodies such as DNV, ABS, Lloyds and others.

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All of our products and solutions are available as shown or can be modified to your exact requirements. We are sure that our proven track record, experience and expertise will maximize your return on investment and minimize your project risk.

If you need additional information on any of the products or materials detailed here please do not hesitate to contact us through our website

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