Trent Control Panels Ltd


Trent Control Panels - manufacturers of gas ventilation interlocks for the commercial kitchen; fan power monitors for ventilation, gas supply proving control applications; and bespoke control panels for heating, ventilation and air conditioning.



The proven PM-icx range of gas ventilation interlock controllers is designed to meet BS6173. The PM-icx range has touch pad control, audible alarm and mute, LED indication. Interlocking made easy with the gas valve and forced ventilation power monitors.


The new CaterSense ™ range offers gas ventilation interlocking, gas pressure proving, speed control, system demand, power monitoring and supply air control - all in one box - to meet BS6173, DW172 and more.


Gas Valves

We offer bespoke commercial kitchen environmental ventilation control systems. We supply a full range of gas valves, gas pressure transducers, velocity, pressure, temperature and humidity sensors. We offer current monitoring upto 100A as part of our standard range.

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