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Established in 1994, Tri-cal are experts in automation solutions for the manufacturing industry.

Tri-cal are at the forefront of technological advances which they apply to their constantly improving methods of change. A wide range of sectors and disciplines can be catered for and Tri-cal have even developed special purpose machines to complete first rate automation solutions. Other services and areas covered include:

  • 3D modelling machine concepts
  • Machine refurbishment
  • Project management
  • Maintenance and support

PC Engineering and System Integration

Tri-cal's software engineers have in-depth programming knowledge in industrial automation and control and PC engineering. They offer a bespoke control system solution to all of their customers.

As totally independent systems integration experts, Tri-cal are able to utilise some of the world's leading manufacturers of PLC's including Mitsubishi, Omron, Siemens and Rockwell. Tri-cal supply a full software engineering solution to the most complex assembly problems.


SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) is a diverse and strong tool that can be utilised in many industrial monitoring and control system. One of the single most valuable processes of SCADA is the ability to remotely monitor an entire system in "real time".

SCADA system collects data from various sensor points around a factory or plant and sends this data to a central computer which can remotely manage and control the data. The data can then be used in various ways, for example to correct any errors seen to be occurring in the process, to alter speeds of moving parts such as a conveyor and perhaps more importantly detect a problem.

Energy Management

Energy saving, the environment and global warming are hot topics within industry, so energy management is more important than ever before. Did you know that electrical motors account for almost two thirds of all energy used?

At Tri-cal we can help you play your part in saving the environment, by reducing your company's carbon footprint and (here's the best bit) ultimately save money in the process by reducing energy consumption.

There are several energy management techniques to reduce your company's energy consumption: Visit Tri-cal's website to find out more.

Safety Systems

From the most recent programmable safety controllers, pressure mats and light curtains to emergency stop systems and fixed mechanical guarding; Tri-cal can arrange a complete safety systems risk assessment of your machine or process, identifying any possible hazards.

After full client consultation we will then carry out the necessary modifications to ensure compliance with the very latest safety systems regulations.

Special Purpose Machines

There are some manufacturing processes that are either especially time consuming or even hazardous to the health and safety of manufacturing staff. When a ready made solution is not possible, Tri-cal have the knowledge and experience to look at a manufacturing issue and provide a top class solution via special purpose machines.

Having designed and built a wide arrange of special purpose machines for an equally wide variety of industries we are confident that we can provide a turnkey, hardware and software solution to your manufacturing problem.

3D Modelling Software

Utilising the most current 3D modelling software, Tri-cal's design team are capable of accurately simulating actual operating environments and ruling out possible problems before they occur on the factory floor.

Our design capabilities enable us to determine the very best design option for the client by making weight, strength and weakness comparisons within the 3D modelling software and prior to the building of the prototype, presenting our customer with a "virtual" machine and thus reducing all associated time and costs. At Tri-cal we firmly believe that the simplest of designs are usually the best and more often than not, the most cost effective solution.

Machine Refurbishment

Tri-cal's immense experience enables them to provide a full on or off site machine refurbishment package, which can be of bespoke design, made to complement even the most complex of machine processes. From control system upgrades through to full machine rebuilds we can put together an individual package of machine refurbishment to suit and thus offer a cost effective and more environmentally friendly alternative to buying a new machine.

Project Management

Entire "life of project" management by Tri-cal.

Tri-cal Ltd offer complex and detailed project management solutions.

These project management options come with a dedicated manager who will supervise your project from the initial conception through to the complete article and beyond.

Maintenance and Support

Tri-cal provide a twenty four seven, nationwide, electrical/hardware/software maintenance and support service, covering many differing manufacturing machinery and processes.

With an equally wide spectrum of industries utilising our services you can be sure we will have the knowledge and capabilities to ensure your production down time is kept to an absolute minimum. With excellent, often next day response time, you can be confident that Tri-cal will have the knowledge and capabilities to solve even the most complicated problem quickly and cost effectively with their maintenance and support service.

Tri-Cal Ltd

Tri-cal Ltd is a family business, established in the early '90's in order to meet the requirements of accurate and trusted automation solutions for the manufacturing industry.

Tri-cal Ltd recognise the quick transformation within the manufacturing industry and strives to provide new technology for competitive advantage.

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