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Designed specifically to meet the needs of manufacturing companies, TRICORN:Production gives you the flexibility to manage your operations from quotations to invoicing. Tricorn's powerful Production Control Software is quick to install and configure allowing customers to be running a fully live system in a matter of days - not months!

Tighly integrated with TRICORN:Scheduler and TRICORN:QMS, Tricorn Systems provides a complete manufacturing solution covering all sectors - aerospace & defence, motorsport, subsea, medical and treatments.

Tricorn Data Analytics

Tricorn has developed a series of Key Performance Indicator (KPI) charts from their database. These charts are part of a Tricorn data analytics package. They have produced eleven charts to date, which can illustrate how your business is performing against key targets. They can provide charts for the following Tricorn data analytics:

  • Delivery Performance
  • Delivery Analysis
  • Machine Group Utilisation
  • Material Stock
  • Finished Goods Stock
  • Quote Conversion
  • Sales Revenue Recognition
  • Sales Revenue
  • Top Customers
  • Top Suppliers
  • And Work Centre Utilisation
Tricorn Data Analytics

TRICORN:QMS - Quality Management System

Tricorn offers easy to use ISO quality software. The software can deal with all aspects of running a quality management system to ISO9001/AS9100 and other equivalent quality standards.

TRICORN:QMS Quality Management System system has been developed from years of experience and cleverly takes into account the requirements of manufacturing companies that run various quality standards on a regular basis.

Tricorn's ISO Quality Software system can be integrated with the Tricorn Job Processing Software or can be used as a stand alone software package. Tricorn Systems Ltd offer a full training programme and a dedicated support service to accompany the software.

TRICORN:QMS - Quality Management System

Job Scheduling Software

Tricorn offers job scheduling software. This software allows the user to plan their workshops to optimise their resources and production in order to achieve delivery efficiencies and cost targets.

Their job scheduling software is easy to use and can be integrated into thier Job Processing Software. The software cleverly updates the plan if the production requirements change. The software provides accurate, detailed and live data.

Job Scheduling Software

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