Trijit Technologies PVT Ltd


Trijit Technologies is one of the fastest growing and leading IT Services Company in India. Trijit provides the best services and one-stop-solution for your Domain Registration Services, Hosting Solutions, Web Services and Network Solutions. Trijit binds himself as a customer-oriented company. For providing best customer, Trijit has a complete separate expert technical team who handles for every individual services provided by TRIJIT. Trijit targets all level of enterprises like small, medium and large to deliver services including Corporate Training, Domain Registration, Web Hosting Services, Email Solutions, Enterprise Internet Services, Data Center Services, Exchange Hosting Services and many more.

Trijit Web Services (TWS), a complete new and individual entity of Trijit, is India's leading Web Hosting, Data Center and Network Services Provider which provide Cloud VPS Hosting India, Email Services, Hosted Exchange India Services, Dedicated Server Solutions and many more. It has served all services around the world from last few years by introducing new elements into service and support section. Trijit is now transferring all its datacenter services by introducing it as Trijit Web Services (TWS) -

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