Trusstec Ltd

Trusstec is a Private Limited Company, which was incorporated on 10th June 1988. Trusstec was formed by the three current Directors & owners, Mr. J. S. Yeomans, Mr. E. Shojaie and Mr. P. J. Schofield.

Mr. Shojaie and Mr. Schofield previously worked for a Trussed Rafter System owner which gave Mr. Shojaie & Mr. Schofield an excellent background training in the design of trussed rafter roofs, the development and use of C.A.D. software and the ability to liaise with Builders & Architects.

Mr. Yeomans is also a Director of Manderwood Timber Engineering and D. J. R. Roof Trusses and has gained excellent experience of Trussed Rafter production. This also enables the three independent Companies to act as a group with greater buying power and to cover a larger area of the Country.

Trusstec Limited became a member of the BM TRADA Certification Limited Trussed Rafter Quality Assurance Scheme in April 1994 (Certification No.3089) and a member of the Trussed Rafter Association (T.R.A.) in April 1997 (Certification No.771112)

Trusstec carry Public & Products liability insurance cover of £2 million and Professional Indemnity insurance of £1 million.

We currently operate using the Wolf Systems design software and connector plates. Wolf Systems carry their own Professional Indemnity and Public & Product liability insurance.

Trusstec can design, manufacture and supply connector plate Roof Trusses, Easijoist metal web floor joists and Timber Frame panels.

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