Trw Ltd.


With our origins as the Lucas Group Research Centre, Conekt has over 50 years experience in advanced product development, applications engineering and validation services. We offer engineering consultancy services specialising in the fields of automotive, commercial vehicles, aerospace and defence.  

Conekt benefits from a strong relationship with our parent company, TRW Automotive Inc (NYSE: TRW), one of the world leaders in automotive technology.  Furthermore our Lucas Aerospace origins provides us with the fundamental knowledge and skills to contribute as a technology innovator for the aerospace industry.  

Key Benefits of Working with Conekt

  • Access to specialist engineers and facilities as required
  • CAA approved UKAS Accredited Test laboratories for Lightning, EMC, Mechatronics Vibration and Climatics
  • Acceleration of design & development programmes
  • Multi-sector technology application experience
  • UK base with route to worldwide resources
  • Support for products through whole of lifecycle


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