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TSC Engineering Ltd has been operating in the UK since the 1980s and forms part of the wider TSC Offshore Group listed on Hong Kong stock market.

Our business is built upon a foundation of high-quality, cost-effective bespoke solutions along with a dedication for complete customer service. This combination allows us to design, build and provide a vast range of mechanical systems that meet all your handling requirements.

Our experience and expertise in engineering, plus a desire to innovate, allows us to push the boundaries of our handling systems’ capabilities. This constant improvement not only allows us to expand into new sectors of mechanical handling, but also benefits our customers with more efficient and innovative design solutions.

Drilling Products

At TSC Offshore, we believe in coming up with innovative drilling product designs which will lower lifecycle costs through longer running hours, increased productivity and ultimately boosting production rates. All our products are designed to meet international standards (API, ABS and DNV). TSC manufactures a comprehensive suite of drilling products for virtually all drilling requirements, ranging from triplex mud pump designs (up to 2200 HP with 30,000 running hours) to complete power control and drive systems. TSC offers installation and commission services, and you can also count on us for reliable and responsive after sales support. 


TSC Offshore's drawworks design uses conventional drum and LEBUS design coupled to an innovative two speed, direct drive gear system to provide the ultimate in speed and versatility. Our innovative packaging brings about rig efficiency as we are able to provide the same horsepower, packed into a smaller physical package and a lower on-deck weight. The use of VFD-capable motors ensures optimal performance and efficiency.

TSC Offshore offers the following drawworks models:

TSC 3000
TSC 4500
TSC Offshore drawworks are equipped with the following standard features:

Designed to meet ABS and DNV requirements. 
Small footprint and low on deck weight. 
Innovative, patent applied, two speeds gearing to optimise performance characteristics to meet production requirements. 
Mud pump style bearing caps to ease removal and maintenance of the drum. 
Auxiliary brake and gear box directly mounted to the drum shaft to minimise space requirements and enhance reliability. 
Pneumatic, multiple discs, auxiliary brake for tripping. 
Redundant pressure gear case lubrication. 
Pneumatic to hydraulic pump to simplify operating the emergency brakes. 
Skid and frame designed as an integral unit to maximise rigidity. 
Do contact us for further sales enquiries.

Mud Pumps

TSC Offshore offers a comprehensive range of triplex mud pumps that delivers exceptional performance to meet your drilling requirements. Manufactured using the latest technology, these field-proven devices are lightweight, durable and cost effective, achieving high-operating efficiency with low power consumption. For instance, our Work Force 2000 design - available in a lightweight package - is the solution for clients who require more volume at the basic 1600 HP rating. Our Work Force 2000 design - with an average weight that is 30% less than equivalent pumps, is another solution to achieve optimum performance in the drilling environment.

TSC Offshore’s Work Force pumps are manufactured in accordance with international standards and are of the highest quality. Powerful pumps with fluids end designs at high-pressure ratings of 7500 psi or 10000 psi are also available. TSC Offshore's Work Force Universal (WFU) design takes pump equipment versatility to the next level. With our WFU pump series, you only need one pump to meet all your fleets' riser/ booster and production pump requirements.

Do contact us for further sales enquiries.

TSC Offshore offers the following pump models:

WF400 Triplex Pump
WFU450 Triplex Pump
WF700 Triplex Pump

WFU750 Triplex Pump
WF1000 Triplex Pump
WF1300 Triplex Pump

WFU1600 Triplex Pump
WF 1600H Triplex Pump
WF2000 Triplex Pump

WF2200 Triplex Pump


TSC Offshore manufactures derricks for jack-up rigs, semi-submersible rigs and drill ships. These derricks are designed as per API 4F and is able to accommodate top drives, crown blocks, casing stabbing boards and baskets,dead line anchors, racking platforms, tubular fingerboards and belly boards, iron roughnecks and other derrick accessories. For semi-submersibles and drill ships, TSC Offshore offers derrick and crown mounted compensator complete package.

Rotary Table

TSC Offshore's rotary table series are a step forward in reliability and serviceability. For convenience, the rotary table has the same physical envelope dimensions as existing rotary tables to facilitate swap outs. But this is where the similarity ends.
The table structure has been designed to provide maximum strength to ensure that the bearings and gears remain properly aligned regardless of the loads. The upper and lower labyrinth seals have been designed to provide optimal sealing characteristics while retaining a simple field replaceable geometry. The table assembly has been greatly simplified so it essentially drops into the housing for easier maintenance.

Our rotary table combines the benefits of conventional table design with efficient innovative approach that reduces downtime.

Standard Features:

Designed in accordance with applicable API standards.
Two selective, unidirectional, independent ratchet type table locks.
Integrated forged/fabricated housing and table for a rigid, durable design to insure maximum durability.
Case hardened spiral bevel gear set.
Cartridge style pinion arrangement.
Double labyrinth style sealing for optimal mud / oil isolation.
TSC Offshore offers the following sizes of rotary table: 17½", 27½", 37½", 49½" and 60½".

Solids Control System

Solids Control System

TSC Offshore manufactures a complete line of solids control equipment and complete mud tank system. TSC Offshore's solids control equipment includes: linear and elliptical shale shakers, centrifugal and shearing pumps, desanders, desilters, degassers, liquid gas separators, mud cleaners and mud hoppers.

Shale Shaker

The design of TSC Offshore's Shale Shaker was derived from observation and operation of similar field tested products. It contains three of TSC Offshore's own patents, including two types of products: the linear and the flat elliptical. The shaker features: high vibration intensity; large screen surface area; adjustable discharge angle during drilling; simple compact structure; reliable, great performance at a competitive price.


The HD Desander is the second level of solids control drilling. The operation is mainly used to eliminate the harmful 40 - 74 micron solid particles in the fluid.


Centrifugal Pump

TSC Offshore offers a broad range of centrifugal pumps with high performance features like: heavy-walled construction and wide vane impellers for enhanced slurry handling capability. Heavy duty ball bearings in the power end provide the load carrying capability to operate under the high loads generated by weighted drilling muds and stimulation fluids.

TSC Offshore's centrifugal pump designs have proved to be among the best for handling abrasive cements and drilling fluids. They are available in wear-resistant materials compatible with the diverse applications of the oil and gas industry. TSC Offshore's centrifugal pumps are available from a few gallons per minute to over two thousands five hundred gallons per minute. When downtime is critical, it is good to know that the TSC Offshore's centrifugal pump is dimensionally interchangeable with most centrifugal mud pumps in service today.

TSC Offshore's centrifugal pump concentric casing design with equal distance from the tip of the impeller at all points allows for a much smooth flow path even at the shutoff conditions compared to volute style casing designs. This design minimizes turbulence often encountered at the cutwater where the fluid is pushed toward the discharge. The concentric casing design also greatly reduces bearing side loading due to unbalanced forces produced in volute style designs.

TSC Offshore's centrifugal pump also incorporates a full open impeller design which maximizes flow through the impeller reducing the axial load to the bearings. The entry curvature of the impeller vanes also helps the fluid to make a smoother transition into the casing of the pump. This smooth flow transition is essential when abrasive fluids and weighted drilling muds.

TSC Offshore provides bare pumps for customers who want to configure their own package designs and we also package horizontal in-line pump and motor systems connected by a coupling with OSHA full cover coupling guard and popular motor mounted over pump configurations for tight footprint requirements. Purchase a TSC centrifugal pump and discover as many already have why TSC Offshore is becoming a favored supplier for many critical rig components. With the assistance of our global distribution partners TSC Offshore is prepared to deliver your drilling product requirements when and where you need them.

Mud Mixer/Hopper

The Cyclone Mud Mixer is used to efficiently mix treating fluid with the mud. It features good mixing capability, fast feeding and is not easily jammed. The pressure is very high when the mud comes out and the mud cannot escape up the funnel. The jet mixer has good mixing capability and feed rate It is easier to jam with a high feed escape up the funnel capacity. When the mud comes through the discharge nozzle, the pressure is elevated but does not rise up the funnel. The shear effect is greater when the jet mixer is used along with a shear pump.

Mud Cleaner

The HM250x2 / 100x12 mud cleaner has an efficient solids-fluids processing design, which consists of a linear shale shaker, desander with two 10” cones and a desilter with twelve 4” cones primarily used to eliminate 20 - 74 microns of sand and mud in the underflow.


The Desilter is mainly used to eliminate the 20 - 40 micron harmful solids in the mud. The urethane hydrocyclones connect quickly. The Desilter is efficiently designed, easy to maintain and has a long working life with stable performance.

Shearing Pump

HPS Shear Pump is a new model of mud processing equipment. The special impeller design can offer a high shearing efficiency. It can effectively mix and hydrate the material added in the mud in order to reduce the use of weighting material, which provides superior mud performance for drilling.

Liquid Gas Seperator

The Liquid-Gas Separator is specially designed primarily for degassing of the drilling mud from invading gases. The design features simple hydro-mechanical structure, easy transport, ease of installation and maintenance, large capacity and high degassing efficiency

Vacuum Degasser

The HV Series Vacuum Degasser can quickly remove all kinds of entrained gas from the fluids. It is an indispensable equipment in gas wells, prospect wells and deep wells. It is also used with various kinds of clean circulating systems for drilling. The gas-fluids separation structure of the HV Series degasser is well designed, ensures efficient separation and proper filtering. A water ring vacuum style degasser is used for degassing combustible gas and explosive gas


The HCF centrifuge is used in a wide range of separation applications, in slurry laden fluids. It is often used in the drilling fluids application. The HCF centrifuge can also be used in multiple applications, such as solids control, dewatering, barite recovery, or as a polisher.

Mud Agitator

The agitator is an important part of the mud solids control system. It is mounted on the circulating tank. The vanes of the agitator dip into the mud to agitate the fluid uniformly. 

Complete Mud Tank System

TSC’s modular design drilling fluid circulation system offers a wide variety of options for from 1000FT to 30000 FT land rig applications

Integrated Driller's Cabin

TSC Offshore’s Integrated Driller's Cabin is customized for application in offshore jack-ups, semi submersible rigs and drill ships. These enclosures are built to suit all climate operations. Several joysticks and touch screens are located around the chair arm, and used for control of many different operations such as top drive, pipe handling, iron roughneck, HPU, choke and kill manifold, AC motor speed and torque, drawworks and main brakes. Anti-collision, auto-driller and drilling instrumentation such as the traditional analog indicator, WOB indicator, SPM gauges and RMP gauges are also included. CCTV and talk-back are also integrated in the system.

The driller’s cabin can be located in classified zone 2 and all safety required equipments have been approved for use in this zone. TSC Driller’s cabin will be tested extensively before delivery. TSC provides all techical services associated equipment installation, system integration, software programming, setting up network and after-sales service.

Rig Power Controls and Drives

TSC Offshore has been designing and building SCR drives utilizing proven technology for oil and gas applications for almost a decade. Every power system is manufactured to meet customer specifications, and at the same time complies with the stringent requirements of the drilling industry – reliability, ease of maintenance, and simplicity. The philosophy of 100% redundancy has been incorporated throughout the system. TSC Offshore maintains a worldwide network of field service personnel and technicians that can support your operation on a 24 hour / 7 day week basis.

Digital Diesel Generator Set Control System

The control module is a full digital controller based on a microprocessor. It include generator controls, synchronization, load controls, sequential controls on generator set, electric parameter detection, protection, communication and display functions. It is based on the power management system which allows the control module to use the local and remote modes to control the generators; it also receives the relevant data from power management system according to the demands from the programmable controller. Do contact us for further sales enquiries.

Control Module Functions:

Local / remote start or stop the generator set
Local / remote operation of the generator, for synchronization, online/offline modes
Generator soft load and unload
Auto load balancing
Auto reactive power balancing
Generator protection, such as over-voltage, under-voltage, over-frequency, under-frequency, over-load and reverse power

DC Drive System

DC Drive system comprises generator controls, SCR controls, Driller's console, AC/DC control module, SCR or AC Power Control House. Do contact us for further sales enquiries.

Generator Controls:

• Multi-function instrument / meters
• Accurately control engine speed and generator voltage
• Ground fault detection system
• Synchronizing panel
• Power limit circuit
• Analog or digital controls
• Multi-protection of engine generators

SCR Controls:

• Rectifier bridge rated at 2000 amps continuous at 750 volts DC
• Surge suppression system
• Multiple assignment of the SCR rectifier bridges through the use of contactors
• Digital or analog controls
• Lockout switches for each motor

Driller’s Console

The console is located on the drill floor and is the main control and monitoring device for each drive function fo the drilling rig. It contains the control switches for the SCR assignments, throttles for each motor, rotary table torque limit control, and drawworks or rotary table reversing, selection switches, instruments, push buttons.

• Explosion-proof pressurization system with alarms
• Drip-proof stainless steel construction
• Foot throttle for control of the drawworks during hoisting
• PLC-based control equipped with cable bypass for spare use.
• Indicator lamps
• Touch screen and display screen

AC / DC Control Module

TSC Offshore's AC / DC Control Module distinctive competency lies in the reduction of all vital electronics for the AC and DC functions of the system to a single circuit board.

All modules of each type are interchangeable and identical for replacement in minutes. The modules are hard-wired to eliminate loose connections caused by vibration. Each module is subjected to rigorous testing to eliminate any inferior components. Modules are calibrated at the factory and require no adjustments in the field. Service and troubleshooting of the system is minimized.

The AC module comprises the electronics for automatic control of the engine generator set:

• Electronic engine governor
• Electronic generator voltage regulator
• Automatic load sharing circuit for parallel operation
• Reverse power, under-frequency,over-frequency, pulse loss and over-voltage protection

The DC module comprises the electronics for automatic control of the SCR converter:

• Automatic load sharing system for the drawworks, rotary table and mud pumps' motors
• SCR firing circuits with ‘hard firing pulse’ output
• Gate suppression at approximately 150% of the highest single motor current limit
• All controls are designed to be ‘fool-proof’
• Individual control of current limits for all drilling functions
• Zero throttle interlock

The power control house provides the features of economic operation maintenance, compactness, and portability. The house contains the SCR or AC drives, generater control cubicles and other associated equipment to include motor control center, drawworks dynamic brake control, transformers, and AC cooling units. The self-supporting power control house is mounted on a three or four runner oilfield skid. Lifting eyes or a drawbar at each end of the house are provided for transportation on a trailer.

• Factory wired and thoroughly tested as a complete system prior to shipment
• Weatherproof AC and DC connectors are located on one end to the house

AC Drive System

TSC Offshore designs complete solutions AC variable frequency drive systems for the drilling industry. Through rectification, all AC drives convert AC to DC and then through various switching techniques invert the DC into variable voltage, variable frequency output.

The AC control system utilizes advanced digital vector technology which greatly improves the speed adjusting specification of AC motors and system power factor.

AC Drive Features:

• 12-pulse and regenerative configurations
• Active front ends
• Harmonic filtering
• Fully digital control
• Minimum 95% efficiency
• Touch and display screens for display of drilling parameters

The complete power and control of the SCR or AC drive system is designed, built and integrated by TSC Offshore engineers and technicians specifically for your application. The combination of our control system and driller's cabin virtually eliminate problems with multi-source product integration. Do contact us for further sales enquiries.

Automatic Drilling System

The ADS (automatic drilling system) utilizes the control capabilities of a PLC with an integrated HMI screen. The result is a powerful system which is easy to operate and safe.

ADS controls the drilling tool speed and location based on input from an encoder coupled to the drawworks. Input from a dead line transducer is used to control and monitor speed of motor or weight on bit. Input from a mud pressure transducer can be used to control mud motor pressure delta as a drilling parameter.

The ADS control functions include: weight on bit, rate of drilling and mud motor pressure delta. The system includes dual limits for alarm and shut down which operate independently of the function control set points

Travelling Block Positioning System

The PLC based RWCS uses input from the drawworks limit switches backed by proximeters installed in the mast to detect the position of the travelling block and provides real time feedback and position from the travelling block compared to limits set via the HMI to ensure the travelling block does not enter unsafe areas. The system includes the capability to limit travelling block speed as well as position to further ensure safe operation. Automatic braking and manual bypass are also available

Rig Power Control and Drive System

TSC offers Offshore Drilling Platform Power Control Package with 600/480/200V power distributions, drives and controls for the elevating or half latent drilling vessels. This constant system can exceed the demands of the offshore drilling task.
The design is based on the ABS specifications ¿MOBILE OFFSHOTRE DRILLING UNITS 2006¿and conforms to the standards of offshore drilling. As a component of offshore drilling platform, our power package performs exceptionally. It includes digital diesel generator set control system, power management system, MCC, VFD drive system, logic control system of management program, and communication system of industrial network. TSC provides flawless after sale services. TSC's mission is to meet any customers' requests with our superior sales, services and solutions completed specifically for drilling industries

Conductor Tensioning Unit (CTU)

TSC Offshore provides two types of CTU:

Lower capacity, Texas deck mounted. “MINI”
High capacity, Conductor Tensioning Platform mounted. “STANDARD”

Mini CTU

These have a capacity of up to 200 Te and are to mounted on a Texas deck. They can be specified with a hydraulic power unit for hazardous area use. They are fitted with interchangeable inserts to suit different diameter tubulars up to 36” diameter.

Typical Technical Data:

Tensioner Stroke: ±6”
No. of Cylinders: 4
No. of Accumulators: 3
Weight: 4.5 Te


Standard CTU

These have a higher capacity (up to 300 Te) and can be mounted in the Conductor Tensioning Platform. These travel with the cantilever and can be skidded Port or Starboard to suit multiple slots. They can be supplied with a sliding panel system to fully enclose the Conductor Tensioning Platform. Hazardous area electrical controls are supplied as standard including digital displays and links for remote monitoring of tensioning load.

They can be provided with dedicated lifting tool to raise to stored position. They can be supplied with secondary tensioning to support surface BOP stack.

Typical Technical Data:

Tensioner Stroke: ±12”
No. of Cylinders: 8
No. of Accumulators: 8
Weight: 20 Te (without panels)

Crown-mounted Compensator

TSC Offshore manufactures efficient crown-mounted compensators, which operates at (2,400, 3,000, and 3,500) PSI working pressure, with standard sizes providing (600, 800 and 1000) kip of upward tensioning force. Standard cylinder rod coating is chrome over sulphamate nickel for increased life span. Optional rod coatings are also available.

All drilling, production and compensator systems are supported with:

Air compressor systems
Forged air pressure vessels
Free-standing control manifold panels
Remote and fixed control panels
Siemens touch screen control panel operation with monitoring technology
Emergency systems including all related state of the art electronics and software

Drilling Tensioning Applications

TSC Offshore manufactures wireline tensioners in (2,400, 3,000, and 3,500) PSI working pressure. Standard industry sizes are available in single and dual configured (16, 80, 120, 160, 200, and 250) kip complete units. Standard turn down sheave assemblies offered in the full range of industry standard diameters meeting all standard wire line diameters. Air pressure vessels provided as complete forged assemblies offered in the industry standard volumes and working pressures. Product line includes:

All stainless valve componentry and mounting bracket hardware.
Riser tensioning control station provided as a free standing, seamless welded steel frame design meeting Class 1, Division 2, hazardous area operation qualifications. Riser Disconnect Management (RDM) is provided and specifically designed to react to, and to safely control the upward acceleration of the Marine Riser in the event of a planned and / or un-planned disconnect sequence. The Siemens Step 7 and redundant S7-400H processors utilized throughout all touch-screen controls as standard.
Offshore air compressors and related support components provided in all industry standard sizes and operating pressures.
Single, dual, and triple modular designs with all integral and remote operating control panels provided.
System is provided to operate its water cooling system via potable and salt water depending on the customers' preference.

Production Tensioning Applications

Inline production tensioning cylinder assemblies supplied to meet customers' riser choice, rig support structure, and tensioning ring requirements, desired pressure,stroke and connection requirements. Seamless welded overlay rod coatings are available including Cobalt CCW, and Inconel 625 stainless materials to meet the critical demand of saltwater exposure and corrosive production fluid environments.


Iron Roughnecks


Service loop
Drill floor long travel drive rack & rails
Bit breaker
Lefthand or rigthand mounted control panel
Remote torque readout for drillers house
Casing modem attachment frame

Riser Handling

Riser Gantry Crane

The prime function of the riser gantry crane is to move the riser from its storage position and place it on the catwalk machine and vice versa. Each crane comes with an integrated hydraulic power unit and either a control cabin or wireless remote radio control. There are two main types of riser gantry cranes:

Fixed main hoists for dedicated riser handling and travelling auxiliary hoists for general use
Travelling main hoists for handling all tubulars using interchangeable heads

Typical Technical Data:

Capacity: 2 x 12.5 to 2 x 30Te
Span: 60’ to 100’
Lift Speed: 12m / minute
Travel Speed: 16m / minute
Weight: 80 – 160 Te
Lift Height: To suit application



Riser Skate

The riser skate takes the riser, delivered by the riser gantry crane, and presents it at the well centre. The riser is supported by fixed forward supports and a travelling aft support trolley with a pivoting bucket. The skate is driven by rack and pinion to engage the riser lifting tool. As the riser is lifted away, the aft support trolley travels along the skate to support the aft end. The process is reversed when laying the riser down.

Typical Technical Data:

SWL: Up to 50 Te
Hydraulic Speed: 210 bar from the rig supply
Skate Speed: 10m / minute
Trolley Speed: To suit riser lifting speed
Weight: 25 Te


BOP Transporters

'C' Frame Transporter:

Safe Working Load: 400 tonnes
Travel Speed: 0 - 5 m/min (proportional)
Rail Span: 9334 mm
Elevating Fork Lift Transporter:

Safe Working Load: 400 tonnes
Travel Lift Speed: 0 - 4 m/min (proportional)
Fork Lift Speed: 0 - 1 m/min
Fork Lift Height: 6000 mm
Mode of Lift: Hydraulic Cylinder (telescopic)
Rail Span: 6300 mm

BOP Crane

The BOP Cranes provide the lifting capacity when handling the BOP Stack and a complete assembly or the LMRP and BOP individually between the transporter and storage positions.

Capacity : 275 tonnes
Main Hoists: two 137.5 TE each lift
Auxiliary Hoists: two 25 TE each Lift
Span: 8000 mm
Crane Weight: 60 tonnes

Xmas Tree Trolley

Xmas tree trolley is used to travel the Xmas tree from storage position to well centre.

SWL: 100 tonnes
Railspan: 8.630 metres
Travel length: 19.600 metres
Travel speed: 0 - 6 m/min (proportional)
Weight: 48 tonnes (trolley)

Skid Units

Skid units are used on to move heavy equipment around the moonpool / cellar deck areas and onto the main deck. Skid units are typically used to handle BOPs, Xmas Trees, Subsea templates and mud mats etc.

Xmas Tree Skid

Safe Working Load: 80 tonnes
Travel Speed: 0 – 7 m/min (proportional)
Mode of Travel: Hydraulic Cylinder (double acting)
Direction Of Travel: 4 Way
Rail Span: 2586mm
Total weight: 4.0 tonnes

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