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TSM Copiers Limited are the leading supplier of Olivetti, Develop and Utax office equipment in London and the South of England. 

We are specialists in the rental of Office Equipment for long or short term needs and supply equipment to many of the large UK's sporting events, national exhibitions, institutions such as the Police and Fire services and of course a large number of small, medium and large businesses.

TSM Copiers offer bespoke solutions to suit almost all requirements, we supply and service leading brands of copiers, shredder and other paper management equipment whether this requirement is for 1 day or 365 we have experience to help.

We manage all areas of the installation or support process, from the installation of the copier, network configuration, service support and anything in between.    

Mono Copiers

Our sales concept is a trend-setting consultancy tool: UTAX DOCUMENT CONSULTING.

First, a detailed as-is analysis of all output systems in use at the customer´s is carried out. At the same time, efficiency and cost aspects are examined and the individual utilisation of the systems is taken into account.

Combined with our software solutions as to forms printout, document management, archiving and accounting, we are able to offer one holistic solution for the company´s document workflow - both in hard copy or electronic format.

 Here is our current range:-
CD 1315 - 15 A4 pages/min
CD 1216 16 A4 pages/min
CD 1316 16 A4 pages/min
CD 1116 16 A4 pages/min
CD 1018 18 A4 pages/min
CD 1120 20 A4 pages/min
CD 1240 40 A4 pages/min
CD 1060 60 A4 pages/min
CD 1080 80 A4 pages/min

UTAX GmbH believe in a co-operative stance - The term “partnership” has been the centrepoint of our co-operation with UTAX which is carried through to all our Utax business partners and customers.

UTAX have reinforced key values such as reliability, professionalism and expertise into their day-to-day business which stimulates such partnerships. Crystal communication is key and provides a basis for lasting success with our business partners. The products speak for themselves, the quality, reliability and the levels of service brought by TSM add up to a winning combination.

Mono Copiers

Shredder Hire

TSM Copiers provide a range of Shredders for hire and Shredders for sale that will secure important and sensitive information is disposed of in a professional manor. From a quantity of 4 sheets up to 600 sheets, we will give you the advice and information needed to make sure you are getting the most out of your Office Paper Shredder.

We Specialise in the Service and Repair of all the Manufacturers mentioned in this advert, however thanks to our extensive knowledge in this industry and an excellent Service department, it is possible that we can help with and make or model of Printers, Photocopiers, Fax Machines and Office Shredders.

Whoever you may be, we will always do our best with any situation Contract Customer or not so please feel free to call with any technical help you may need. There are however advantages to being a Contract Service Customer as they can expect to receive an immediate response with any onsite difficulties.

Shredder Hire

High Security Shredders

High Security shredders destroy paper based documents to the very smallest particle sizes

High Security shredders can generally shred a sheet of paper into more than 10,000 pieces and are approved to Security DIN Levels 5 and 6.

The only way to keep information secure is to shred documents, remember shredding is standard office procedure

Please contact us for further information .....

Morgana Shredders

Morgana is the ‘preferred finishing partner’ for nearly all the leading manufacturers of digital print systems and works closely with companies like Xerox, HP Indigo, Kodak NexPress, Xeikon and Konica to provide the equipment and service back-up that helps digital printers streamline their finishing operations.

To secure confidentiality of your data and information and to protect your company, Morgana offers a range of high capacity shredders presenting the right solution for any application required. It is for you to choose.

Morgana Shredders models we offer;

EBA 5141
EBA 5146
EBA 6040

Shredding capacity represents an important criterion when selecting a document shredder. Depending on the model, you can shred a quantity from 4 up to 600 sheets at a time. Within the range of shredders you will definitely find the right model for your individual data protection.

Morgana Shredders

Utax Colour Copiers

Click here for UTAX Colour Copiers

Utax Colour Copiers

Olivetti Photocopiers/Copiers

This series of innovative products strengthens Olivetti’s position on the market, confirming its positioning as the ideal partner for state-of-the-art systems for corporations and offices, with the benefits of the experience, expertise, service and full geographical coverage provided by the Olivetti Dealer network.

Olivetti can provide state-of-the-art systems for any office, add that to the full Geographical coverage provided by the Olivetti Dealer Network and you can understand how they gained such strength in the Market.

Olivetti Photocopiers/Copiers


We are currently on of the Largest UK Distributors for Modern Office Equipment from Develop and they are quickly establishing themselves as the leading providers for small and medium based Business around Europe. Watch this space as we believe Develop will be leading the way for any copier brand in the very near future.

We strongly believe that Develop will be the leading copier brand in the UK that others will follow.



TSM Copiers Limited are the leading supplier of Olivetti, Develop and Utax office equipment in London and the South of England.

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Photocopier Lease

Here at TSM Copiers we not only offer photocopiers for sale but we also specialise in Photocopier Rental and Photocopier Leasing. If you are looking for copier hire then please contact a member of our team and we will be happy to help find a copier to suit your specific needs. Our Photocopier Leasing service is very flexible, packages are bespoke, we aim to tick every box to ensure you get the service your require.

Our range of copiers is extensive, we offer state of the art full colour copiers to the basic black and white copier, systems to suit everyone's needs.

Photocopier Lease
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