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TTI Group Limited provides a range of Surface Treatment and Heat Treatment services to the UK engineering industry. TTI is part of the Materials Technology Division of Aalberts Industries NV.

Our team of specialists provide customers with access to extensive experience and excellent expert metallurgical knowledge. In addition to offering a full range of traditional heat treatment processes, TTI are also able to provide special treatments designed to overcome specific problems such abrasion, corrosion and adhesion.

With services delivered through 7 strategically located sites, and supported by an extensive transport network, TTI Group are able to supply the contract heat and surface treatment services required by manufacturing industry in a timely manner. All sites are approved to the latest ISO 9001:2008 standard. Specific sites also offer other approvals such as TS16949:2009, CQI-9, AS9100 and Nadcap Aerospace accreditation.

Technical help and advice is available from TTI Group by calling 0845 6521420 or email to

Plasma Nitriding

TTI Group Ltd offers the widest range of Plasma Nitriding and Plasma Nitrocarburising facilities available in the UK. A very high degree of control of the case depth and compound layer is achieved by this form of nitriding. Extensive facilities, which are located in Telford and Birmingham, provide coverage to the whole of the UK.

Both hot wall pulse power technology and cold wall DC power technology is available. Fully computerised, this non-polluting technology provides excellent reproducibility and quality of the case depth and compound layer. Technical experts will recommend the correct choice of process for a particular material / application.

Benefits of Plasma Nitriding:

  • Mechanical masking
  • Can treat Stainless Steels, Titanium and Nickel alloys
  • Low temperature (410°C) treatments possible
  • Highly controlled Process

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Plasma Nitriding

Low Pressure Carburising

Low Pressure Carburising (or Vacuum Carburising as it is also known) provides a clean, modern approach to carburising.

Low Pressure Carburising, or 'LPC', in heat treatment terms, a recent development of vacuum carburising. Many different steels can be successfully treated, even some with relatively poor hardenability. The correct choice of steel will depend on the application and section size being treated.
Benefits over conventional Carburising include:

  • Lower distortion
  • No intergranular oxidation
  • No decarburization
  • Increased Carbon penetration down fine holes
  • Clean finish

For further advice on Low Pressure Carburising contact TTI Group (Luton) on 01582 486644, or email or for more information.

Low Pressure Carburising

Hardening & Tempering

This process is used to increase the hardness (and therefore the strength) of steels. Heat treatment processes are also used to increase fatigue life, wear resistance and, in some cases, corrosion properties.

It should be noted that Hardening means to fully Through Harden a material, not surface hardening or precipitation hardening.

Hardening is carried out by heating the work to elevated temperatures (over 780°C), followed by quenching, or cooling at a controlled rate. This rapid cooling transforms the steel structure and is done for example by quenching in oil or gas. Because of the temperatures involved, there will inevitably be some degree of distortion.

After hardening, the work will be in its strongest possible condition, but unfortunately it's most brittle condition. Consequently, it must be tempered. This increases the toughness whilst optimising the required hardness. It is important that this process is done within a short time after hardening otherwise cracking may occur due to the high stresses within the part.

Most of the processes are performed in highly sophisticated furnace equipment, specially designed to give the best results possible.

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Hardening & Tempering

Duplex Surface Treatment

Duplex Surface Treatment as the name implies, is the application of two processes to the surface of steels. In the case of the IONTEC-H range of Duplex processes TTI provide, Plasma Nitriding steels before applying a hard PVD Coating always significantly enhances the tool life. The hard nitride layer beneath the PVD coating supports the coating under high forces applied to the surface of tools during operation.
Although a lot of the steels which are IONTEC-H treated by TTI Group are press tool forming dies (where outstanding results have been achieved), the Duplex Surface Treatment process can, and is, applied very successfully to components, where the steel substrate is normally not hard enough to work in the application. Nitriding the steel before application of the wear resistant PVD coating improves fatigue and indentation resistance. This allows the coating to function correctly.

Duplex Surface Treatment


At TTI we strive to continually improve our quality system both in terms of effectiveness and compliance with industry requirements and International Standards. Our approach to system evolvement and accreditation is aimed at all industry sectors such as Aerospace, Power Generation, Oil & Gas, Motor Sport and Automotive.

Our philosophy and cultural development is based upon meeting customer expectations by the application of capable processes, competent people and consistent plant.

 ISO9001:2008 / AS9100 / TS 16949:2009

TTI Group
pursues positively the strong challenge of achieving ongoing customer satisfaction across all market sectors using its ISO9001:2008 based system with developments for the additional requirements of the automotive supply chain and Aerospace Contractors.

Copies of the BSI certificates are available on request.  If copies of any other certificates, such as TS16949 or Nadcap, are required please contact us.


Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP)

Hot Isostatic pressing (HIP) can be described as a heat and pressure application simultaneously. The hot isostatic pressing unit has a high temperature furnace which is confined within a pressure vessel.

To heat the work pieces they are placed under a uniform, isostatic pressure of inert argon gas. Doing this removes the internal voids (i.e. porosity).

Hot isostatic pressing
has a major effect on a vast amount of materials, for example:

  • Plastics
  • Ceramics
  • Metals

Using materials that have undertaken hot isostatic pressing improves the mechanical properties such as strength, increased workability and fatigue.

For more information on hot isostatic pressing (HIP) please visit our website.

Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP)

Vacuum Brazing

We recommend vacuum brazing if you're in need of advanced high temperature brazing technique. Vacuum brazing is performed at a high temperature with many positive factors for example, joints are created in higher quality & higher strength, whilst not using fluxing agent.

After the vacuum brazing process has been completed parts still remain bright and clean.

For more information on vacuum brazing please visit our website.

Vacuum Brazing

TTI Group Ltd

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TTI Blackburn

TTI Blackburn Plant occupies a large site within the heavily industrialised East Lancashire region. The business moved to its current location in 1972, and was merged with the Leeds plant in 1999 to improve the range of processing capability and extend the back up to the customer without increasing cost levels.

 TTI Group Ltd

Whitebirk Industrial Est.




 Tel: 01254 264901

Fax: 01254 662552

TTI Group Letchworth

The TTI Group heat treatment facility at Letchworth is the most diverse within the organisation. It provides an extensive range of heat treatment processes for local industry as well as providing a national and international service to cover specialist processes for the aerospace and defence sectors. All of the traditional processes such as case hardening, induction hardening, nitriding, nitrocarburising and vacuum heat treatment are also available on this one site. A fully equipped laboratory and an extensive transport network support the production facilities.

 TTI Group Ltd

Blackhorse Road




 Tel: 01462 472100

Fax: 01462 480643

TTI Luton

The Luton Plant has been established in Luton, Bedfordshire, for over 30 years. The business has operated from its current Bilton Way site since 1995 from where it provides a sub-contract heat treatment service to many of the major first tier suppliers to the UK automotive industry.

Luton plant is also the principal heat treater to the UK Motor Sport industry servicing Formula One, Indycar, Touring and Rallying teams and their associated engine manufacturers. The services available at the plant are supported by a comprehensive collection and delivery service.

 TTI Group Ltd

39-43 Bilton Way




 Tel: 01582 486644

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TTI Cheltenham

The Cheltenham plant has been the site of a heat treatment company since the 1950’s. The plant has a wide customer base dealing with Aerospace, Automotive and Precision Engineering companies across the UK. An experienced team of heat-treatment and Metallurgical experts offer technical advice on the wide range of processes the plant and group offers. The plant operates a round the clock service from Monday to Saturday a.m., supported by a team of trained staff and comprehensive laboratory to ensure the fastest turnaround for all types of heat treatment

TTI Group Ltd

Bamfurlong Industrial Park




GL51 6SX

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TTI Birmingham

TTI Group (Birmingham), the site of Nitrotec Services, provides the specialist surface treatments; Nitrotec®, Plasma Nitriding, PVD Coating and Duplex Coating. The site normally operates 24 hours, 5 days a week and has the automotive TS16949:2009 accreditation

TTI Group Ltd

Units 3-8 Bickford Road


B6 7EE

 Tel: 0121 3222280

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 PVD / Plasma Tel:

0121 3272020

TTI Tipton

Tipton Plant offers the complete service for the controlled atmosphere heat treatment of production components. The site operates to ISO 9001:2008 quality standard. Tipton also hold several market leader company approvals. Tipton have an experienced workforce who are used to meeting today’s exacting requirements in both Quality and Delivery Performance.
A fleet of vehicles operates from the Tipton site to provide a collection and delivery service to customers. Please contact us and we would be happy to try and accommodate your transport requirements wherever possible.

TTI Group Ltd

Unit 31, Coneygre Industrial Est.

Burnt Tree


West Midlands


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TTI Telford

Nitriding Services operates from a purpose-built premises in Telford, coincidentally situated just a few miles from the birthplace of the industrial revolution at Ironbridge. The Company specialises in low distortion, low temperature, thermochemical processes and modern vacuum treatment techniques.

TTI Group Ltd

Nitriding Services

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