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TTR Euroworks are leading independent providers of thermal transfer ribbons for the printing of data and information onto labels and packaging. We have been operating since 1993 and are based in The Netherlands, and can deliver to clients worldwide with quick delivery times for all our services. Our team are available to help you find the right transfer ribbon for your application.

Free samples of our transfer ribbons are available for you to test and check before committing yourselves to a big order if required. Along with transfer ribbons we also offer an extensive range of slitting machines, jumbo rolls, thermal printheads, personalised ribbons, hot and cold foils and Flamitex.

For more information on any of our services please just give us a call.

Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Thermal transfer ribbons are an effective method of printing data and info onto labels and packaging. At TTR Euroworks we offer a wide range of transfer ribbons, including wax, wax-resin and pure resin options. Our team can help you to pinpoint the best choice for your application and we offer a free sample package if required.

The wax options are the most economical, and require low energy printers. They include our Easy Wax range, our standard Eco Wax type, and the Pantera Wax which is enhanced with resins. Wax-Resin ribbons need medium level print energy and our available options include the TTR3 scratch and smear resistant ribbon. Our Resin ribbons are highly durable and resistant to abrasions and heat.

Thermal Printheads

At TTR Euroworks we stock an extensive selection of printheads for use in thermal printers. We have both flat and corner edge type print heads depending on your requirements and the type of your thermal printer, and stock leading brand manufacturers along with our own printheads. In all we have over 5000 in stock at any one time and will have yours delivered in a fast timeframe.

We also offer coatings for thermal printheads to increase the working lifespan of your existing printheads. Adding a coating will help to keep the printhead clean and ensure the clearest, sharpest print quality is provided when you use your printer. And there’ll be less downtime required for you to fix the printhead and lesser costs needed for the replacement with our coating.

Slitting Machines

TTR Euroworks offer slitting machines that can be used for the start-up stages of a slitting business. We have options for the preparation of thermal transfer ribbons, jumbo rolls, and small rolls ready for packaging or labelling. We also have brand new Copy Faes slitting machines in stock for sale along with our TTR models.

These include the TTR 1600 Hybrid that can be used with thermal transfer ribbons and hot and cold foils; the TTR 1000 for prepping ribbons and jumbo rolls; and the TTR 500 and TTR 330 that are easy to operate converters for use in turning master rolls to finished rolls.

Personalized Ribbons

Our PIY Ribbons allow your customers to add personalised messages to products that they purchase from you. That makes them ideal if you’re retailing common gift items such as flowers, chocolates, wine or flowers. If you order the PIY Ribbon starter kit form us we’ll aim to have it with you by the next day if you place your order before two in the afternoon.

With the starter kit you get a ribbon printer, cutter, tablet and set of ink. The printer can be made ready for commercial use with 15 minutes, and we have over 450 ribbon colour and satin combinations for you to choose from.

Hot and Cold Foil

Hot and cold foil can make for an attractive look on packaging or labels, and offers the option to add text or imagery. At TTR Euroworks we can provide you with hot or cold foil designs to meet your precise requirements. Hot and cold foils are ideal for use in labelling across many industries, including graphic design, plastic moulding and medical products.

The traditional hot foil options include metallic, holographic and pigmented hotstamp foils created to your designs. With the cold foil you can achieve metallic effects in brilliant silver and gold shades, which can quite easily be overprinted.

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