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Turbo Controls is a unique and innovative company who specialise in components for Dust Extraction Filtration.  Manufacturing out of three sites, we pride ourselves in being one of the leaders in this market, creating new products which benefit existing and potential new customers. We offer bespoke design solutions with state of the art technological techniques for manufacturing products to best quality standards around the world. Turbo Controls holds ISO 9001 certification and as such all manifolds and valves are manufactured to the latest EC, ASME, GOST and PED standards.

Environmental Dust Control Components

Providing a high standard bespoke solution for all our customers’ requirements in this field includes and is not limited to our extensive range of selected quality products but also combines a personal and prompt service with a top rate level of technical support.  

Our dust filter products and components include:

  • Certified Header Tanks
  • Certified Global Immersion Tanks
  • Diaphragm Pulse Valves
  • Diaphragm Kits
  • Electronic Pulse Controllers
  • Filter Bag Cages
  • Cartridges
  • Precision Blow Tubes
  • Pneumatic Control Valves
  • Pneumatic Cylinders
  • Industrial Solenoid Valves
  • Filter Regulator Units
  • Fittings and Tubing
  • Pneumatic Panels
  • Mist Eliminators
  • Diaphragm Kits
  • Compatible Goyen and Asco Repair Kits

Global Immersion Tanks

4” to 14" diameter Global Immersion Header Tanks fabricated with ½” to 4” integral or remote operated diaphragm pulse valves with either threaded or plain Blowtube Connection pipes. This design cleaning systems benefits not only a better cleaning operation but is easy to install and gives easy access to the diaphragm pulse valves for maintenance. Used on both bag and cartridge filters for dust extraction units.

Global Immersion Tanks

Header Tanks

5” to 12" diameter Header Tanks fabricated with 3/4” to 3” integral or remote operated right angled diaphragm pulse valves with either threaded or plain Blowtube Connection pipes. This old style design cleaning systems benefits a lower cost implication as well as easy fit to other manufactures designs and like for like replacements. Used on both bag and cartridge filters for dust extraction units.

Header Tanks

Electronic Pulse Controllers

Now recognised as the heart of the filter cleaning mechanism, pulse controllers have developed into sophisticated electronic management systems with the potential to optimize the performance of the dust filter. At the same time they reduce maintenance and running costs.

Modern pulse control systems not only actuate the pulse cleaning function but are also capable of integrating external sensors. The ability to monitor and control every element of the dust filter ensures optimum performance and compliance with dust emission limits - monitoring filter bag condition, emission levels, hopper levels and controlling the fan.

Turbo offers a complete range of electronic pulse controllers featured microprocessor based technology from standard off the shelf units though to custom-made systems.

Electronic Pulse Controllers

Turbo Pulse Valves

Turbo, being one of the leading manufacturer of specialist 'blow down' valves, offers a wide range of these Valves . Designed for service in reverse pulse type dust filters, these are either solenoid or pneumatically operated diaphragm valves used for automatic filter cleaning.
Short, concussive pulses of compressed air are powered down into rows of filter bags or cartridges to break the dust from the fabric so that it can easily be collected in a hopper ready for disposal. 
They are engineered in various forms to suit your application:
½" to 3" sizes-single or double stage diaphragm pulse valves manufactured with threaded pipe connections or quick mount compression fittings integral solenoid operator version - waterproof to IP65 integral solenoid operator version - explosion proof to ATEX standards for hazardous locations remote solenoid pilot actuation versions.

Turbo's F Series Threaded right angle pulse valve is available in sizes ranging from ¾”- 2½”" suitable for Header Tank with either integral IP65 solenoid operator or remote pilot connection. Comprising aluminium cover and body, NBR or Viton diaphragms. This Valve is available in most voltage and can include ATEX Zone 1/21 or 2/22 hazardous areas.

Turbo Pulse Valves


Turbo invests heavily into it's research and development division and as such has designed, patented and produced new innovative products designed to reduce time and cost of wiring installations using the Matrix Wiring System. Simplifying the cleaning process by using TurboNet or the new PC interfaced software RS485 using the Turbo EcoNet Sequencer 128.

Filter Cages and Cartridges

Further to the range of dust filter components, we supply filter cages and cartridges. There are many options available in the wide range of filter cages and cartridges and they are applicable to many uses and functions.

Filter cartridges include:

  • Pleated filter cartridges
  • Pleated bags
  • Pleated cell filters

Filter cage configurations include:

  • Circular
  • Diamond
  • Star
  • Oval
  • Flat
Filter Cages and Cartridges

Mistrix Mist Eliminators

Turbo Controls has recently been awarded the agency for the Mistrix Range of Mist Eliminators. Turbo Controls associates itself with high quality brands that will complement and add to the value of our product range. As such we are extremely impressed and excited  to have recently been awarded the Mistrix agerncy, in union with RADCO, for their range of Mist

Mistrix uses structured mesh, which can be described as ladder-like or honeycomb-like, composed with 3D interlocked plastic monofilaments. 93% - 97% of these fibers are perpendicular to the gas flow which results in a minimised pressure drop with an optimised collection efficiency.

By use of different fiber diameters, we are able to design an optimal mist eliminating solution for any particle mist size above 0.8-micron diameter.There are several pad designs available for routine installations however any combination of these pads can be used for your bespoke design situation.

Mistrix BLUeFil technology enables a low pressure drop and a high eficiency since all the Micro laments are arranged at rectangular angles to the gas flow in order to achieve the best possible separation of droplets. This unique weave stands in stark contrast to the random orientation of a wire knitted mesh.

A BLUeFil mist eliminator combined the best properties of knitted mesh and lamella separator. The ladder-like arrangement of the mono filaments causes a change of direction of the gas stream, which increases the droplet capture by inertial impact and interception. This produces a cross flow of the separate liquid, which flushes out particles from the medium.


Mistrix Mist Eliminators
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