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Sub Contract Machined Parts

Turbotool Engineering Ltd was formed over 25 years ago and are now firmly established in the market of CNC machining. We enjoy an enviable reputation as a supplier of precision components to a broad band of customers in various industries.

We have a well established highly skilled workforce who have been grown and developed to encapsulate the latest in machining technology, capable of producing exacting components to meet the standards required by our ever demanding customers.

Turbotool continually invest in machine tools to ensure they are always at the forefront of the latest in advanced CNC technology.

  • Full design service, including metal analysis & drawing preparation
  • CNC milling, CNC turning
  • Conventional milling & turning
  • Grinding, broaching, slotting, drilling
  • Small assemblies, small fabrications
  • Plating & coating, case hardening, polishing & casting
Sub Contract Machined Parts

CNC Milling

CNC Milling Manchester

  • Vertical machining capacity with axis movements up to 1000mm longitudinal 400mm lateral and spindle stroke 300mm.
CNC Milling

CNC Turning

CNC Turning Manchester

  • A varied range of both bar feed and chucking machines.
  • Bar feed machines have through capacity up to 65mm diameter
  • Chucking machines with 3 jaw & 4 jaw capability, with up to 350mm dia swing.
CNC Turning

Manual Machines

 Manual Machines

  • A comprehensive range of machines covering Turning, Milling, Grinding, Drilling & Tappin
  • Centre lathes up to 21" swing bed (16" swing over saddle) x 13 feet between centres
  • Capstan lathes
  • Universal Milling machines with DRO
  • External Grinding Machine up to 4" dia 15" stroke
  • Hydraulic Broaching Machine
  • Tool making facilities
Manual Machines

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