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Turned Parts Warehouse Ltd is a manufacturer of precision turned parts using precision machining techniques.

We can supply precision turned parts for your bespoke order at a low cost and we supply major contractors.

Turned parts

Turned Parts Warehouse Ltd manufacture some of the finest quality turned parts using sliding head CNC technology.

We can supply bespoke turned parts to the industry and to contractors and we have had dealings in major contracts.

All our turned parts are made to order so please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Manufacturing Turned Parts

When manufacturing turned parts we only use a variety of quality metals to produce your required precision turned parts.

All parts are machined to specification and you can rest assured your turned parts will be available with short lead times.

Why use anybody else when we are the leaders in manufacturing, supplies and contracting of turned parts.

Stainless Steel Turned Parts

Turned Parts Warehouse Ltd can supply stainless steel turned parts to contractors all done through our stringent manufacturing process.

All our stainless steel turned parts are made using CNC sliding head technology.

Other metals are available for your bespoke turned parts; please contact us for more information. 

Brass Turned Parts

Brass turned parts are manufactured from quality brass and are done by using the latest CNC sliding head technology.  

We can also heat-treat, plate and patch these products to your specification so that you can simply purchase a finished part.

To get more information for Brass Turned parts please contact us

Aluminium Turned Parts

We can manufacture numerous turned parts from Aluminium and are machined to your specification.

Aluminium turned parts that can be made in production would include special parts and fasteners.

To discuss your aluminium turned parts requirements please contact us.

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