Turnfast Components


We are a manufacturer and supplier of quality turned parts and thread rolled components to a diverse variety of clients supplying industries such as the automotive and construction.

We can also offer our customers a hardening service along with electoplating in bright, zinc/yellow or black passivate finish.


Quality Turned Parts

We operate a Turned Parts Department, consisting of Brown and Sharpe 2B"s, B.S.A."s, Index and various C.V.A. single spindle automatics offering quality repetition components to customers specifications and drawings up to 50mm in dia. We produce in most grades of steel inclusive of stainless, along with alluminium, brass and plastics.

We feel we can offer a competitive price on all batch quantities but obviously the larger the batch quantity the more price reflective this becomes.

Bolt Manufacturer

We feel that our capability to supply to our customers their own unique product is the point that seperates us from other manufacturers. We can offer customers the opportunity of their own choice of leg lengths, thread lengths ( with U-bolts we can also produce different leg and thread lenghts on the same bolt ), leg centre"s etc. Also offering U-bolts with a radius form or flat bottomed for use with channel sections.

We can produce Hook, Eye, U, and J Bolts in sizes from 3mm through to 14mm o/d.

Thread Rolling and Thread Cutting

We have capacity to thread roll from M3 up to M18 Dia. offering thread lengths up to 150mm in most steel forms from mild steel to various stainless grades.

We can offer cut thread alternatives on a much wider variation of materials including alluminium and brass but up to M12 dia. and again 150mm in length.

When a cut thread is specified on a customer component drawing this will normally not present  the customer with a problem reflecting a need for design change of their product.

Hi- Fi Speaker Spikes and Floor Pads

We have produced a wide variation of designs, for example: spikes with hexagonal

bodies to lock into speaker cabinets with a spanner, knurled bodied spikes designed to screw into the speaker by hand and also fully threaded spikes. In general the floor pads have either a radius or cone design for the spike to sit in.

The design of the spike and floor pads is to enable the Hi-Fi speaker to stand independantly and not be placed either flat on carpet or other surfaces.

Chemical Fixing Studs

Studs are manufactured to order and can be supplied with either with chisel end or or 45 degree cut. The stud can be tailored to suit individual requirements, for example: internal or external hexagonal drive, position of depth mark ( assuming a depth mark is required ) and also the the customer can request an alternate stud length to that shown in the table. The Table is purely there as a guide and is adaptable to design changes and alterations.

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