Tyco Electronics (Energy Division)


Tyco Electronics (Energy Division)

Bowthorpe EMP, Crompton Instruments and Dorman Smith are a part of the Tyco Electronics Energy Division focusing on low voltage Electrical Equipment products.

The Electrical Equipment segment provides a complementary portfolio of low voltage products from power measurement across electrical distribution and circuit protection to transient voltage surge suppression (TVSS). The range ensures capability to fulfil the most demanding specifications.

Crompton Instruments product range
The Crompton range represents power measurement, control and protection instrumentation for switchgear and generator set manufacturers, panel builders and OEMs.

Product range

  1. Digital metering systems
  2. Kilowatt hour energy meters
  3. Transducers
  4. Protector trip relays
  5. Analogue instruments
  6. Current transformers
  7. Shunts
  8. Generator set controllers

Dorman Smith Switchgear product range
Dorman Smith Switchgear provides a vast selection of electrical products from light duty distribution systems to custom designed, factory built switchboards.

Product Range

  1. MCBs
  2. MCCBs
  3. RCCBs
  4. RCBOs
  5. ABCs
  6. MCCB distribution boards
  7. Engineered switchboards up to 3,200A

Bowthorpe EMP product range
Bowthorpe EMP specializes in low voltage transient surge suppression, protecting against the secondary impacts from lightning strikes and switching electrical conductive loads.

Product Range

  1. Modular distribution surge protector - MDSP 90, 150 and 300 Series
  2. Distribution surge protector - DSP600 series
  3. Snap-in protection module - SPM series

Tyco Electronics Energy Division is a global operating unit is focused on providing products and system for electrical power industry, supplying power utilities, equipment manufacturers and railways.

  1. Cable accessories
  2. Connectors and fittings
  3. Insulators and insulation
  4. Surge arresters
  5. Switching, protection and lightning
  6. Power measurement and control 
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