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UBH International is a world leader in its field and the UK's largest manufacturer of inter-modal tank-containers, swap tanks and mini-tanks for the secure transportation of bulk liquids and gases, including cryogenic gases.

Inter-modal tank-containers
can be used interchangeably for road, rail and sea transport world-wide.

  • Tanks in 10, 20 & 30-ft frames, (also 7.15, 7.45 & 7.82-metre swap tanks for European road, rail and short-sea use.
  • Operation governed by the same ADR regulations as apply to road tankers - the tank-container is ideally suited to long-haul transport via major rail axes, with delivery by truck to the final destination.
  • Capacities from 1000 up to 42000 litres. Tank-containers can be tailored to a wide range of specific requirements.
  • Tanks are available with: baffles to minimise surge; multiple compartments; linings for corrosive or high purity liquids; steam, electrical or water-glycol heating systems (up to 220 degrees C); refrigeration units and monitoring equipment to record cargo condition in transit.

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Cryogenic Transport Equipment

UBH International, some years ago turned its long experience of high quality pressure vessel manufacture and transport-tank frame design to the challenges posed by cryogenic logistics.

Intensive research and development resulted in a new cryogenic tank design, conceived from first principles, capable of dealing with the most demanding of environments, whilst minimising thermal bridges between inner and outer vessel.

In designing effective cryogenic transport equipment there are a number of key factors which are critical to successful and economic operation:

  • Optimum vacuum ensures effective insulation to maximise holding times and minimise the need for re-pumping to maintain performance.
  • Low tare weight to reduce fuel costs, maximise payload and ensure general ease of handling.
  • Overall robustness and resilience of the equipment to protect cargo and minimise M&R costs.

Insulation and final assembly of cryogenic tanks at UBH International take place in a dedicated and specially designed construction hall, where all aspects of manufacture can be carefully controlled and monitored to ensure:

  • Quality of the superinsulation applied to the inner vessel and for the weld integrity of the outer shell and pipework.
  • Quality control, using state-of-the-art equipment to ensure optimum leak detection and remediation.
  • Highest standards of cleanliness.

This careful attention to detail results in:

  • Minimised heat inleak, thanks to the efficiency of correctly applied insulation.
  • Exceptional vacuum levels in the interspace between inner and outer vessels.

In both these vital respects, UBH International is setting new standards in the manufacture of cryogenic vessels.

Tank Container Industry

Even before entering the tank container industry, UBH had long been recognised as one of the UK’s most prolific manufacturers of road tankers, with a tradition stretching back to the 1950's.

As well as the intermodal tanks, UBH International can supply custom built cryogenic tank trailers/road tankers and cryogenic vessels ready for mounting on fixed chassis vehicles.

The vessels for such equipment are built to the same fundamental design and manufactured to the same exacting standards as the intermodal tanks and can be tailored to the precise requirement of the customer

Offshore Chemical Tanks

TANKS For The Oil & Gas Industry Long Experience And A Commitment to Excellence In Tank Manufacture And Design

UBH International draws on a longer pedigree in the design and manufacture of transportable tanks than any other manufacturer in this field to produce a comprehensive range of tanks for oilfield applications.

Our tanks are designed to meet the arduous handling and rigorous safety requirements of the oil and gas industry and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of customer applications in terms of footprint, height, capacity, ease of access to valves etc..

Our range of products includes:

  • Offshore Chemical Tanks
  • Helifuel Tanks
  • 10 & 20ft DNV approved ISO-Tanks
  • Lined Acid Tanks
  • Nitrogen Skid Tanks
  • Acid Mixing Tanks

The hallmarks of our products are high quality finish, rational, robust and resilient design, ease of maintenance and economy of repair.

Tanks can be built to various codes/approvals including DNV 2.7-1, EN12079, Norsok Z-015 and ASME U Stamp.

Offshore Chemical Tanks

Custom Build Requirements

UBH International – if you want the job done right from concept to reality – partnership that works

UBH International also specialises in meeting custom-build requirements for complex or demanding applications and has worked with a variety of clients to develop and perfect innovative solutions to the often daunting logistical challenges encountered in the field of oil and gas exploration and production.

Customers can rely on UBH International to provide expert input every step of the way and to execute ideas to produce safe, high quality and reliable solutions.

ISO Tanks & Swap Tanks

UBH International is the leader of the ISO tank container transporting of bulk liquids.

Tanks like this have been developed as part of the generic move towards containerisation during the eighties and seventies.

We can offer an extensive range of capacities and frame types as we remain at the forefront of innovation in this type of product

ISO Tanks & Swap Tanks

Cryogenic Tank Containers and Road Tankers

We are one of the world's leading builders of transportable cryogenic vessels.

UBH International can supply a comprehensive range of tank containers and road tankers.

Oilfield Skid Tanks and Intermodal   We provide Tank containers in a variety of frame designs:
  • 20’/ 30’ ISO Universal Beam Tank
  • 10’ ISO Universal Full Frame Tank
Other sizes and frame types available for oilfield/offshore applications.
Cryogenic Tank Containers and Road Tankers

Offshore Tanks

We at UBH International produce a comprehensive range of applications of tanks in the oilfield.

All our tanks are designed to meet the rigidly accurate safety requirements of the oil industry. Applications can be designed to the customers specific/bespoke needs in terms of height, capacity, footprints etc...

  • Helifuel Tanks (vertical or horizontal as required)
  • Acid Tanks
  • 10 and 20ft DNV-approved ISO-Tanks
  • Acid Mixing Tanks
  • Offshore Nitrogen Skid Tanks
  • Vertically Mounted Offshore Tanks
  • Horizontally Mounted Offshore Tanks

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Offshore Tanks

Gas Tanks

UBH International along side ISO-Tanks for bulk liquid have for years supplied individually-bult tanks for the movement of liquefied gases like butane and propane etc...

All are available in a range of pressures and capacities, can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each customer.

  • Higher Capacities available on request
  • Swap tank frame and 30ft beam-type frame available on request
  • 10 and 20 ft and frame types
  • Capacity range 7500 litres to 25000 litres

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Gas Tanks

Static Tanks

With the knowledge of decades of experience in vessel manufacture we at UBH International can supply a vast range of bespoke designed process vessels and storage. Examples include:

  • Transportable tanks installed as part of industrial processes for rapid, flexible and economical solutions
  • Food-grade stainless steel storage tanks;
  • Chemical storage tanks;

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Static Tanks

Intermodal Solutions

Whether the challenge is large or small, here at UBH International we aim to work closely with our customers to providing a cost effective and practical solution.

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Intermodal Solutions

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