UBH International Ltd


UBH International is a world leader in its field and the UK's largest manufacturer of inter-modal tank-containers, swap tanks and mini-tanks for the secure transportation of bulk liquids and gases, including cryogenic gases.

Inter-modal tank-containers
can be used interchangeably for road, rail and sea transport world-wide.

  • Tanks in 10, 20 & 30-ft frames, (also 7.15, 7.45 & 7.82-metre swap tanks for European road, rail and short-sea use.
  • Operation governed by the same ADR regulations as apply to road tankers - the tank-container is ideally suited to long-haul transport via major rail axes, with delivery by truck to the final destination.
  • Capacities from 1000 up to 42000 litres. Tank-containers can be tailored to a wide range of specific requirements.
  • Tanks are available with: baffles to minimise surge; multiple compartments; linings for corrosive or high purity liquids; steam, electrical or water-glycol heating systems (up to 220 degrees C); refrigeration units and monitoring equipment to record cargo condition in transit.

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