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UK Electronics LTD have been providing a high quality, cost-effective service to customers since 1983.

Whether you require electronic assembly, hardware or embedded software design, PCB supply, PCB layout, pre-compliance EMC testing or any combination of the above, we have the capability to turn your ideas into reality.

We are situated in the Greater Manchester area, which enables easy access to all of the North West's motorways ensuring that our technical sales representatives are always within easy reach, whether you need assistance regarding prototypes or a general production enquiry.

Electronic Assembly

UK Electronics are Contract Equipment Manufacturers (CEM) therefore we only manufacture our customer’s products meaning you get our undivided attention.

At UK Electronics we have the capability to manufacture all your PCB requirements regardless of your industry. We have customers ranging from medical to automotive, military, aviation, security, LED lighting, audio and video, fire control and mining systems to name but a few.

We offer full procurement of stock and stock holding for scheduled orders allowing you to concentrate on your core business.

We have over 30 years’ experience in all types of electronic assembly including surface mount, conventional leaded or mixed technology. We aim to provide a high quality low cost product in any quantity you require.

We also offer bare board PCB supply in a multitude of finishes, thicknesses and styles such as hot air levelled and emersion gold. We also offer flexible circuits and flexi rigid boards to suit your requirements.

We can provide small batch prototypes in as short as a five working day turnaround. All of our boards are ATE tested and are fully RoHS compliant giving you the knowledge that you are in line with current UK legislation.

Our team of over 50 dedicated production staff follow ISO 9001:2008 quality guidelines and work to IPC 610 standards ensuring a high quality product every time.

We also have the latest production technology including four SMT placement machines, a reflow oven, a wave solder machine and an automated screen printer.

Our capabilities are growing. Tell us how we can help you.

Electronic Design

If you do not have the resources or expertise within your own organisation to develop the products to keep you ahead of the competition or if you need to free up personnel to focus on other core activities, UK Electronics may be able to help you to reduce the cost and time to market your new product.

As a result of our extensive experience designing electronic hardware and software we are ideally suited to analysing practical problems and devising suitable solutions to those problems.

Whether you require a specialised one off device or a new design for a product we can draw upon relevant past experience in order to minimise the costs and timescales involved.

With over 30 years’ experience within the electronics industry our hardware designers have experience in a wide range of microprocessor based designs as well as discrete logic, FPGA and analogue circuit design.

We employ the latest Computer Aided Design techniques for schematic capture, circuit simulation and Printed Circuit Board Layout as appropriate. Our assembly and test facilities enable cost effective production and evaluation of our designs and our Lab test equipment includes a Pre-Compliance EMC test facilities.

Our software designers have wide ranging experience designing 'embedded' software for use in custom designed circuitry as well as Windows and Linux software for use on PC's and standard systems. We have full in-house development facilities for many types of microprocessor and single chip families.

Projects undertaken recently include control systems for hotel and catering equipment, high integrity signal conditioning for remote plant monitoring sensors, automotive control systems and video multiplexing units. Systems currently in production following successful development at UK:E cover such diverse markets as security, environmental heating and ventilation, the leisure industry, the automotive industry and many more industrial and commercial fields.

EMC Testing

UK Electronics provides an extensive range of Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) testing and EMC consultancy services, from pre-compliance to full EMC testing.

We help you ensure that your product or installation is compliant with industry specific EMC standards for legislative, national and international approvals.

Many customers use our services:

To evaluate their design during development, thus reducing the likelihood of having to redesign their product to meet CE requirements.

To provide assurance that minor modifications to previously accredited equipment has not affected compliance.

As part of their ongoing quality assurance programme.

Why not contact UK Electronics to discuss your CE requirements. Whether your preference is to deliver the equipment to our facility and leave the testing to us or whether you would rather be on-hand yourself, you can be assured of a service which is both cost-effective and professional.

CE Marking by Self Certification

Often seen as complicated, the method is in fact quite simple and is outlined in the following diagram. From only £595*+vat, the cost of the UK Electronics facility is amongst the most competitive in the industry and takes into account the particular needs of small and medium sized companies. Please email our Sales Team for more information.

*This cost covers a full series of tests, within the scope of the UK Electronics test facilities, on a single item, to the relevant standards. Investigations into the possible cause(s) of non-compliance will be carried out if appropriate and suggestions may be offered regarding corrective action. However, if significant experimentation and retest is involved or if the tests cannot be completed within one working day, further charges may be incurred.

PCB Design

UK Electronics has over thirty five years of PCB layout experience in a wide variety of applications from initial concept through to final product realisation. During this time we have provided the electronics industry with an excellent onsite PCB design service supplying anything from simple single sided PCB’s to complex, multi layered, high speed circuit boards.

Our cad engineer will compliment your existing design team and work to your specifications ensuring that the PCB layout matches you design requirements. We can also offer an onsite and offsite mix as necessary to ensure that timescales and cost constraints are met. Our aim is to get you from initial concepts to prototypes as quickly as possible. 

With continuous investment in high end design systems it follows that UK:E CAD has the capability to undertake even the most demanding of designs.

With full consideration of your product requirements, end application and lifecycle, our approach will ensure your product will be designed suitable for cost effective and reliable assembly, manufacture and test.

PCB layouts completed by UK:E CAD can fast track through our production facility without any delays, risk or misunderstanding. By using our own PCB assembly plant we can also provide you fast access to prototype assemblies saving you valuable time and costs.

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