Uk Workbenches Ltd


We are proud to be the UK’s leading workbench supplier, and supply a number of industries; Auto, Electronic, DIY and the Engineering marketplace.

Work Benches

At UK Workbenches Ltd, we can supply you with a wide array of workbenches from medium duty to super heavy duty. We also sell a selection of tool trolleys, and completely mobile workbenches providing you with utmost stability and optimum mobility.
We offer a full bespoke service, so if you do not see what you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us.

Stainless Steel Benches

We provide stainless steel workbenches, complete with brushed stainless top with a back lip and bottom shelf as customary.
We can also supply you with an accessory of a single drawer unit (on ball bearing runner) and can also provide you with 2 cupboards with sliding doors underneath the workbench.

Mobile Benches

Our mobile workbenches are manufactured from mild steel angel iron, and are incredibly strong, so much so that they can be turned easily into a static workbench. This can be done by pushing a handle on the side of the bench, which drops the bench onto its four legs and stabilises it.

Packing Workbenches

At UK Workbenches Ltd, we relish in building the workbench you specifically require and you can select from a wide range of different sized benches to different styled tops. If you do not find the size or top you need, please feel free to contact us with your specifications and we are more than happy to make it especially for you.

We provide four common work tops; MDF, Laminate, ESD (anti-static IT Work Benches) and Galvanised Steel.

Industrial Workbenches

Our industrial benches are our most resilient and robust benches. Much like the heavy duty workbench, they are manufactured from 50x50x5mm mild steel angle iron and when they arrive to you, we can ensure they are fully welded and ready for use.
Because of these specifications, our industrial workbenches can easily support 1500KG UDL.

The super heavy duty workbenches can be made available in an array of different sizes, so please do not hesitate to contact us to make the workbench to your specific size needs.

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