UK Safety Footwear

Specialists in Safety Footwear for Men and Women our collection of safety boots and shoes is considerably different to other ranges available. The UK Safety Footwear collection includes an excellent range of work styles which are exclusive to our company and you simply will not find anywhere else. These exclusive designs have been brought together in our range to give you the best styles, fantastic levels of all day long comfort and the safety features to keep you protected. Therefore, our range Women’s Safety Boots and Shoes are very popular with companies and individuals who require comfortable and stylish Ladies Footwear.

Not content with the Status Quo are selection of Men’s styles has rapidly gained a reputation for providing you with comfortable, durable safety footwear which you can wear all day long. In the amongst the range of Men’s styles you will find some exclusive brands which have become extremely popular, as the unique technologies incorporated into these styles they provide you with fantastic comfort levels and reliable safety protection. The Parade, No Risk and Lavoro collections of Men’s Safety Boots and shoes are one of the most popular and best overall value ranges available.

So, go online today and browse our easy to use online store or if you need advice or help with your next purchase then please contact a member of our friendly customer service team.

Ladies Safety Footwear

To have Safety Footwear which provides safety features which help protect the individual from potential hazards and injury seems an obvious statement. However, to find Ladies Safety Boots and Shoes which provide the appropriate safety protection and are also comfortable and stylish is more of a challenge and in a lot of cases it may feel that this simple request is impossible. However, when you explore our collection you will find a great selection of stylish and fashionable styles that are desirable, comfortable and provide you with the safety features you require to stay protected at work. Therefore, we have one of the best collections for companies and individuals who require their safety footwear to encompass all of these requirements.

Our collection has many exclusive styles and brands that deliver great comfort and style at work. These styles from leading brands Parade, Lavoro and Giasco give you the comfort you have always desired and the high street looks you have always wanted. In these collections you find some fantastic smart Ladies Safety Shoes which are ideal for the office and some amazingly comfortable and stylish safety sneakers if you require a more causal style. So, have a look at our collection today and see why so many customers rate us Number 1 for Womens Safety Footwear.

Ladies Safety Footwear

More Brands - More Style - More Choice

When purchasing Safety Footwear it is important that the Brands you choose are Trusted, at UK Safety Footwear we only supply Brands that can be relied on. In our Collection you will find some of the most stylish and comfortable collections of Safety Boots and Shoes from Leading Brands which include Puma, Parade, CAT, Timberland, Helly Hansen, Dickies, V12 and many more.

In these collections you will a whole different variety from metal free boots to smart office styles and casual safety sneakers that offer the wearer amazing comfort levels. So when you need a pair of safety footwear which is more comfortable and stylish than your last pair then take a look at our range and find out why so many customers wear styles from our collection.

More Brands - More Style - More Choice

Safety Trainers

The modern safety trainer is a world away from the clumpy work shoe styles of yesterday, today’s styles use the latest material technologies and take their design influences from the sporty everyday styles you find on the high street. Safety trainers are now lightweight and comfortable, and we have a great selection for Men and Women. Our range of Women’s safety trainers is one of our most popular collections with exclusive designs from Parade and Lavoro which enhance comfort and protect you throughout your working day.

In addition to our fantastic Ladies collection we have an amazing range of steel toe cap and composite safety trainers for Men. These styles are modern and sporty and are available in a range of specifications, so you can select the right model for your occupation. Packed with comfort features this range includes the very popular Jamma and Joppa styles which have the Parade VPS comfort system incorporated into each pair.

Safety Shoes

Simply one of the most varied and comprehensive collections of safety shoes you will find anywhere, from smart executive styles to functional and durable designs which are designed for the construction site our selection for Men and Women is one of the best available.

The range of safety shoes for Women includes the very smart and stylish Dolby slip on from Parade and the extremely popular Lavoro Grace. Both styles are extremely comfortable and are fully tested which means they look great and provide the protection you need. From smart office styles to causal everyday designs our range of work shoes includes some great design and exclusive styles from Parade and Lavoro which provide excellent all day long comfort.

In addition to the Ladies collection the styles available for Men are just as appealing and varied in specifications. If you need something rugged, waterproof and comfortable the you really need to look at the Helly Hansen Chelsea work shoe whilst if you need something stylish for the office then the best-selling metal free Osaka executives with the premium full grain leather upper are a must. This great selection of Men’s safety shoes is well worth a look especially if you are looking for a pair which is more stylish and comfortable than your last pair.

Safety Work Boots

When you are looking for safety boots then look no further we have a huge selection of brands and styles to suit everyone. Our online store has a vast selection of Safety Hikers, Riggers, Waterproof Boots and Lightweight Composite Boots. You will be spoilt for choice from budget styles from brands like Amblers Safety to premium high-performance designs from Helly Hansen and Parade you will find a style that suits you and your workplace.

Our collection of safety work boots includes traditional Goodyear Welted styles which are robust and durable right the way through to modern lightweight designs which are metal free and have many safety and comfort features making them easy to wear all day long. We also have a great collection of waterproof boots and exclusive styles and brands you simply will not find anywhere else. A lot of effort has gone into creating our Women’s safety boots collection with exclusive styles which include the Lavoro Julia and the Parade Delia this is one of the most stylish and comfortable ranges of Ladies work boots you will find anywhere online.

Safety Rigger Work Boots

The basic design of the rigger boot has not really changed, but the popularity and demand for this type of safety footwear has never wavered. This popularity has driven the manufacturers to develop new styles and versions and now the humble but popular original rigger is now available in a wide variety of designs, specifications and comfort options. This variety and choice has meant safety riggers are now more popular than ever.

Spoilt for choice and cannot decide which style to choose? Well some of our best-selling styles include the very popular Parade Nordik style which incorporate the VPS comfort system. If you are looking for a hardcore high-performance style with waterproof membranes and full S3 safety protection then you really need to consider the Dr Martens Turbine model, although at the premium end these Rigger Boots are manufactured to the highest standards and have been designed to perform in extreme weather conditions.

Waterproof Safety Work Boots

When the outdoor working conditions are tough, and the weather does its worst you need your safety footwear to protect and keep the elements out. Keeping your feet dry in harsh weather conditions is paramount for good foot health and all day long comfort. That is why our range of waterproof safety boots has a wide number of different designs and brands, so you can choose the right style which allows you to continue working in the toughest of environments.

These are some of the toughest and most rugged styles available, in this range of safety boots you will find alongside the very formidable Dr Martens and Caterpillar styles you will also find the latest collection of work boots and shoes from Helly Hansen. These styles have been constructed from the very best materials and are fully tested and compliant to the latest EN345 safety standards which all safety footwear must comply too. A fine example of the high quality Helly Hansen Safety Footwear manufacture is the Chelsea Ultimate Safety Boots, put quite simply safety boots do not get much better than this. So if you need your work boots to protect you and keep the elements out you really need to look at this section of our online web store.

V12 Safety Boots and Safety Shoes

Traditional and durable is probably words that best describe the looks and performance of the V12 safety footwear range of work shoes and boots. However, underneath that traditional looking exterior lies a world of boot making expertise, combine this with the latest footwear technologies and the result is footwear that out lasts other brands in its class.

When exploring this rugged and comfortable selection of work footwear you will find some truly great styles, the Tomahawk safety rigger boots are a legend and even before you put them on you can feel the quality of the construction and the leather is superb a truly awesome waterproof rigger. If riggers are not your thing but you want a high performance boot then you need to look at the Rocky high leg boots with its breathable and waterproof membrane and easy on side zip access these work boots represent amazing value for money.

Dickies Safety Boots and Work Shoes

When you need a brand, you can trust to deliver safety footwear styles which have been fully tested to the latest standards, look great and give you good comfort levels you really need to look at the Dickies safety footwear collection. Dickies have been producing workwear since 1922 and their range of work footwear has all the hallmarks of quality and value you would expect from this legendary brand of footwear.

The Dickies collection includes a great selection of metal free safety trainers and includes the very popular Tiber style and the Ohio style for Women. Of course, you will find the Cleveland Goodyear welted boots which are still a firm favourite, however the latest collection of safety hikers and the latest generation of safety boots gives you improved comfort and protection. Something for everyone in this great range of Dickies footwear so look and see what this collection has to offer.

Amblers Work Safety Shoes and Safety Boots

The Amblers range of safety footwear includes a cost selection of safety trainers, safety boots, work shoes and hikers. These styles are ideal for anyone who requires functional and conforming work footwear at a reasonable price point. Designed to be cost effective and practical the Amblers Safety Boots collection has many different designs and styles, so you can choose the right one for you.

When you go to work you need to make sure you have the right footwear, so you can do your job safely. This why the Amblers Safety Footwear range has such a wide variety of designs and specifications, so you do not have to worry about your safety and concentrate on the getting the job done. If you need assistance when choosing you next pair of safety footwear then please contact our customer service team who will be happy to help you.

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