Ukshop Ltd.

U-Eat Online ordering offers a proven method of increasing your off-premises dining sales volume.

U-Eat Online Ordering features:
  • Ability to accept advance orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • You can order your food by calling-in, by on-line internet or by SMS.
  • Proven queuebusting ability - no wait in line to place an order
  • Takeout, Delivery, and Catering functionality
U-Eat Online Benefits to Restaurant Owners:-
  • Increased speed of service and throughout
  • Significant labour savings during peak periods
  • Consistent message and upselling ability
  • Increased profits from increased sales and faster throughput
    Improved order accuracy
U-Eat is part of UKShop Limited.

U-Eat is a major new method of using every day technology to order good food, wherever you are. 

It is the latest initiative from the company that gave the Restaurant business the help that it needed in ordering and accounting software that made sense.

Easy to use, install and implement, Software for Restaurants

Using Software for Restaurants Start-off, Premium or Professional, your customers will be able to order food from your restaurant by phone, mobile phone, from your new website and through the till. As soon as an order is accepted, it's on the system from the kitchen to delivery and includes comprehensive menu systems, meal incentives, voucher schemes, meal deals, stock control and accounts.

Being more efficient saves money, improves profitability and gains more and more satisfied customers.

The Corporate version includes comprehensive administration of Corporate Accounts and integrates with Sage.
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