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All types of Parking & Security Posts or Bollards, including Fold Down, Removable & Telescopic.

Fully Telescopic Security Parking Posts and Bollards

Telescopic or Retractable Security Posts & Bollards are the strongest type of Posts used for typically protecting Driveways, Garage & Industrial Door and other types of entrances, the strength comes from the fact that there is more material underground than above.

When the posts are not in use, the internal post is stored inside the sleeve fitted into the ground, leaving a safe & flush finish which prevents the chance of damage to the underneath of a low car etc, and with the fact that it is far more aesthetically pleasing to the eye when not in use. 

Fold Down Parking Posts

Fold Down Parking Posts are very popular because when the posts are not being used, they simply lay flat onto the ground, no need to store them away into a different location, they are generally more affordable than other types of Posts.
Depending on what module is chosen they lock in the upright position by either a padlock or built in integral lock.
Ideal for protecting your car parking allocation, when security is not the main focus.
Removable Parking Posts

Removable Security & Parking Posts/Bollards are locked into the upright position using a padlock or integral lock, and then generally fully removed and stored elsewhere when not in use.

The ground spigots are fitted into the ground, at a height which results in the hinged top lid being a slightly proud of the surface, this hinged lid fully covers up the access hole making it safe for use in locations subject to pedestrian or vehicle access.

These Posts are far stronger than most fold down posts and easier to install than fully telelscopic posts, also there is no need to worry about underground services as the spigot bases would be above the height of these (in normal situations).

Also perfect Security & Parking Posts for drives & entrances that have a ridge or slope which makes the ground clearance for low vehicles a potential problem.

Please contact us by email (info@ultrasecuredirect.com) or Telephone (01604589414) for Friendly Advice !!

Driveway & Perimeter Alarms

Wireless Driveway Alarms

Being informed to the approach of a visitor or intruder by using a Wireless Driveway or Perimeter Alarm is your first line of Security for your home or business. These new systems are very easy & quick to fit, and will constantly monitor locations which can be up to 900 metres away from the location of the Receiver.

Ultra Secure Direct have a wide range of these products allowing us to find you the best type of system for your specific application.

There are two main types of Wireless Driveway & Perimeter Alarms to consider, please see below:

  • Passive Infra-red Detectors, these are external PIR's that are monitoring the immediate locations for heat signitures from large animals, humans and vehicles, these driveway alarms are found within our Dakota 3000E Driveway AlarmsDakota 2500E Driveway Alarms


  • Active Beams, these are beams that are actively monitoring each other all of the time, in the event of them not being able to see each other they will trigger and send a wireless signal back to the receiver, these wireless alarms are found in our 900 metre Solar Charged SB Beams - Solar Charged 700 metre TB Beams

We also offer the full range of accessories for all of these systems including addition sensors, pir's, telephone dialers, flashing lights & sirens.

They are designed for simple DIY Installation, and mail order throughout Europe, we have offices in the UK, Ireland, Germany & France.

If you have any pre-sales technical questions, please contact by Telephone (01604589414), Email (info@ultrasecuredirect.com) or Live Chat on www.ultrasecuredirect.com

Driveway & Perimeter Alarms

Wireless Alarms

Wireless Alarms:

Ultra Secure supply a range of Alarms all with DIY Installation in mind, our most popular range is the Smart Wireless Home & Business Alarm, which have many different options in operation and use making it possible to cover all types of Domestic & Business premises, all designed for DIY installation.

The Smart Alarm Systems operate of the latest frequency of 868 Mhz, and have a multitude of Detectors, Sensors, Sirens & Decoy Sirens all working in conjunction with four different types of Control Panels (allowing you to have the exact type of alarm system to suit your applications).

The options of control panels are:

  • Standard 8 Channel Panel including Built in Siren, Tamper Switch, Alert Modes, Low Battery Warning, Back up Battery, Keypad & the option of using unlimited number of Alarm Detectors.
  • Battery Powered Siren with built in Control Panel, for locations and applications that have no safe access to a power suppy
  • Control Panel with Built in Telephone Dialer, Siren, Tamper Switch, 8 x Channels, Alert Mode, Back up Battery, Low Battery Warning, Backlit Keypad & the option to use unlimited number of Alarm Detectors (a firm favourite)
  • GSM Module, with all of the specifications of the standard control panel, but using mobile phone technology in communicating with the keyholders, it can also be easily operated using a Free Download APP (Apple iOS & Android)

There is a wide choice of sensors designed for both Intruder & Safety applications, including:

  • Internal Magnetic Door & Window Contacts
  • PIR's (passive infra-red detectors).
  • External Magnetic Gate & Door Contacts (also used in bathroom & kitchen enviroments
  • Vibration Sensors
  • Floor Pressure Mats
  • Water & Flood Detectors
  • Unique Smoke & Gas Sensor Monitors

There is a Battery Powered Wireless Siren, making installation easy and safe (for locations with easy & safe access to a power supply, simple plug in transformers can be purchased).

Decoy Siren:
There is a matching Decoy Siren, with a built in low flashing strobe light (powered by 2 x AA batteries).

If you need Friendly, No Obligation Pre-Ordering Advice, please contact us by Email (info@ultrasecuredirect.com) or Telephone (01604589414)

Wireless Alarms

UltraCom Wireless Intercom

UltraCom Wireless Intercom

The UltraCom Wireless Intercom has an impressive 600 metre operating range, and can be used to communicate with callers,and to operate Automatic Doors & Gates from the Portable Handset.

It can be used with two Caller Stations, ideal for double gated properties, together with the option of multiple Portable Handsets.

Powered by 4 x C Batteries or 12v DC.

If you need advice, please contact us by email (info@ultrasecuredirect.com) or telephone (01604589414)


UltraCom Wireless Intercom

Long Range Wireless Doorbell

Long Range Wireless Doorbells

Ultra Secure Direct have a range of Wireless Doorbells that are typically used when the traditional cheaper Wireless Bell Systems fail to work, or in commercial applications.

Our Push Buttons & Transmitters are battery powered, making them quick and easy to fit, the operating range back to the Receiver or Pagers is a true 800 metre (line of sight).

If you have doubts to whether these systems will work in your enviroment, please contact us by email (info@ultrasecuredirect.com) or telephone (01604589414).

We can ship throughout Europe, and have offices in UK, Germany, France & Ireland.

Long Range Wireless Doorbell

Shed Alarm

Shed Security

Ultra Secure Direct are specialists in products to help Secure your Shed or Garages, the products include:

  • Audible Alarms
  • Silent Alarms
  • Locks & Chains
  • Modern Alarm Locks
  • Ground Anchors
  • Security Posts
  • Dummy CCTV Cameras

It is well know Sheds are one of the most vulnerable buildings around, it is worth considering some simple and basic security, this security doesn't have to be very expensive, it is just the case of choosing the right products for your applications.

If you need advice and help in choosing, please contact us for Friendly, No Obligation Advice by email (info@ultrasecuredirect.com) or telephone (01604589414)

Shed Alarm

Mains Power Failures

Mains Power Failures:

With the loss of power, all types of damage can be done to Stock, Live Stock or in extreme cases People, Ultra Secure have a wide range of systems designed to inform you in the event of a Powercut, either immediately or at a pre-selected duration after.

These alerts can be in the form of:

  • Buzzers or Sirens.
  • Flashing Lights.
  • Text Message.  

If you need advice, please contact us by email (info@ultrasecuredirect.com) or telephone (01604589414).

Delivery can be around Europe, with offices being present in the UK, Germany, France & Ireland.

Mains Power Failures

Dummy CCTV Camera's

Dummy CCTV Camera's:

Do Dummy Camera's work ?

Our answer is most definately Yes, (in most cases, but not all), we would argue that it may deter most casual or opportunist thieves or vandals but the hardened criminals will probably ignore them.

Ultra Secure Direct have a wide range of Dummy Cameras available offering different sizes, colours & prices making it possible to suit most types of applications.

These can be purchased from www.ultrasecuredirect.com or www.ultrasecure.eu for delivery throughout Europe, with offices present in the UK, Germany, France & Ireland.



Dummy CCTV Camera's

Personal Alarms

Personal Alarms:

Ultra Secure Direct have a wide range of Personal Alarms designed to help protect your loved ones from Injury or Attack, these can be carried around in a Car, Handbag, Wrist etc.

They are very affordable starting from under £5.

Available throughout Europe from www.ultrasecuredirect.com or www.ultrasecure.eu

Personal Alarms

Lone Worker Alarms

Lone Worker Alarms:

Ultra Secure Direct carry a range of Alarms designed to help protect Lone Workers or vulnerable Elderley People, these can be used for Security & Emergency applications.

They can be used to alert other members of staff, or family members in various ways including:

  • Text Message
  • Telephone Calls
  • Sirens & Buzzers
  • Flashing Lights

If you need pre-ordering advice, please contact us by email (info@ultrasecuredirect.com) or telephone (01604589414).

Available for delivery throughout Europe from www.ultrasecuredirect.com & www.ultrasecure.eu with offices in the UK, Germany, France & Ireland.

Lone Worker Alarms

Home Security Systems

Ultra Secure Direct specialize in many types of Home Security & Safety Systems all designed with Easy DIY Installation in mind, the products range from:

  • Wireless Home Alarms
  • Wireless Driveway Alarms
  • Wireless Perimeter Alarms
  • Security Posts & Bollards
  • CCTV
  • Battery CCTV
  • Shed Alarms
  • Chains & Padlocks
  • Water & Flood Alarms

The products are available by mail order from our UK Warehouses, with telephone support available 6 days per week for before and after sales advice.

Home Security Systems
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