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Umicore are the UK agents for the Technical Ceramics division of FRIATEC AG, Mannheim, Germany. FRIATEC are one of the leading manufacturers of high performance ceramic components for industrial use. FRIATEC's products fall into four main categories: high temperature ceramics - such as tubes and laboratory ware, brazed metal-ceramic seals, engineering ceramics and fine grinding tools. Marketed under the FRIALIT®-DEGUSSIT® brand name, the products are manufactured from high-purity ceramic materials including alumina (aluminium oxide), zirconia (zirconium oxide), silicon nitride and silicon carbide.

FRIALIT®-DEGUSSIT® materials are used in a wide range of applications in mechanical and chemical engineering, scientific research, the offshore industry, pharmaceutical and food processing industries and in the electrical and electronic engineering and microwave fields. Products of FRIALIT-DEGUSSIT are noted for their maximum operational safety, reliability and long lifetimes.



Umicore´s Business Line, BrazeTec, formed from Degussa Löttechnik, is a leading manufacturer of high-quality brazing alloys and solders, brazing alloy and solder pastes and fluxes.

BrazeTec materials are used to manufacture a wide range of products, from simple everyday objects to high-grade tools and bulk industrial products. Examples include spectacle frames, cooking pans, hard metal tipped circular saw blades, mills, radiators and air conditioning equipment. Its products are also used in installation engineering (gas, heating and water).

BrazeTec produces and sells these products through a global sales and logistics organisation and has production facilities in Hanau/Germany, Vicenza/Italy, Glens Falls/USA, São Paulo/Brazil and Suzhou/China.

Using its many years of experience and expert knowledge of brazing and soldering processes in specific sectors of industry, BrazeTec's own Brazing Center develops solutions customised to the requirements of individual clients and develops techniques for bonding metallic materials, hard metals and ceramics.


Oxide Ceramics

FRIATEC have over 50 years of experience in the manufacture of high-tech oxide ceramic products and materials as a specialist division of a company over 145 years old.

In this time, we have naturally consolidated great knowledge and experience in the production of customer-specific components, regarding both material selection and component design. We have a team of highly-experienced engineers ready to solve problems. This makes us an obvious co-operating partner in achieving the highest quality solutions.


Please contact our UK sales office. Alternatively, you may directly contact Friatec AG, Mannheim at

Oxide Ceramics
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