Under Control Instruments Ltd


Under Control Instruments, are specialist suppliers of high specification, high quality control instruments, heat lamps and industrial heating elements. We also offer catering spares.

 A full range of heating elements, temperature controllers and sensors to suit most heating and control applications. We can assist in the design or choice of the correct system suitable for the specific installation.



Infared Heating

Ruby slim and ruby jacketed and gold infrared lamps reduce the glare to the eyes, available in a range of lengths from 78 - 780mm, wattages and voltages to suit your needs.

Temperature Controllers

New from Under Control Instruments, high-specification 8820 series digital controllers are supplied as standard with 20A relay outputs and two NTC sensors. They are suitable for many applications requiring on/off temperature control of heating or cooling systems.

Catering Spares

We have a diverse range of control instruments, infrared lamps, catering spares and industrial heating elements. We are experienced supplier to many industries. We are confident that we will be able to supply your control, heating and refrigerated process needs.

The range includes catering spares, cartridge heaters, ceramic heaters, quartz heaters, drum heaters, silicone heaters, infrared lamps, catering heat lamps, catering elements, hot cupboard fans, mica heaters, strip heaters, immersion heaters and heating cables, ceramic blocks, switches

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