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Under Cover make-up a  vast  range of  interesting protective covers using  modern and traditional fabrics to suit our customers requirements, like this very attractive Sun canopy made from a durable and waterproof woven polyester fabric, it was designed to create a useful extended covered area from the house to the garden, also adding an attractive feature.

As a specialist protective cover manufacturer we also provide a full range of services for most sectors including industry, agriculture, marine and leisure and domestic.


Under Cover design and manufacture gazebos. Our gazebos provide a protective and attractive shelter for various, leisure and domestic sectors

We manufacture our gazebos in a wide selection of fabrics and colours.


Under Cover are experts in the manufacture of a variety of pvc structures. They can produce tailor-made structures from canvas, PVC and other fabrics.

For further information about their  pvc structures, please visit their website.


Under Cover can produce awnings to customer specification. They enjoy the challenge of producing one-off awnings to meet individual specifications.

Under Cover was established in 1990 to provide a designing and manufacturing solution to a variety of products. Please visit their website for more information on the awnings they offer.


Under Cover can produce banners in a range of shapes and sizes. They can produce banners from PVC, canvas and other materials.

For more information on their banners, please visit their website.

PVC and Canvas Tarpaulins

Examples of pvc and canvas tarpaulins Under Cover make.

• Pvc and canvas tarpaulins
• Water tank covers
• Pvc and canvas welding screens
• Skip covers
• Pillar protection pads
• Ground sheets
• Wind breaks
• Sandpit covers
• Canvas Back drops
• Screens

Vehicle/Trailer Covers

Under Cover can manufacture vehicle/trailer covers.

Some examples.

• Forklift covers
• Trailer covers
• Pick-up covers
• Lorry covers
• Skip covers
• Roof rack covers

Equipment Covers

Examples of equipment covers Under cover make.

Musical instrument and amp covers
Children's sandpit covers
• Garden equipment covers
• Agricultural equipment covers
• Industrial covers

Ships Druggets and Sports Hall Floor Covers

Under Cover manufacture and install ships druggets and sports hall floor covers.

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