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In today’s 24/7 on demand world, mission-critical business systems must be available 100% of the time. At Uninterruptible Power Supplies Ltd (UPS Ltd), part of the Kohler Corporation’s Power Group, we pride ourselves on delivering industry-leading power protection solutions combined with service excellence to ensure systems are ‘Always ON’.

At the core of our product portfolio is a range of high quality and reliable three-phase and single-phase transformerless UPS from 1kVA to 5MVA. These products feature unique capabilities for parallel redundant operation and easy on-site upgrades, thanks to advanced modular technology.

To this portfolio, we also add a comprehensive range of standby generators and other complimentary ancillary products such as batteries, switchgear and power conditioning equipment.

UPS Ltd has also built a reputation for uncompromising service excellence. Offering a range of services which include site surveys, installation, commissioning, preventative maintenance and technical support, UPS Ltd provides customers with a single source for complete power protection.

Three-Phase Uninterruptible Power Supplies

UPS Ltd sell a range of three-phase true ‘modular’ and standalone transformerless UPS solutions.  

These are recognised for being at the forefront of power protection innovation and technology and are class-leading in terms of system reliability and efficiency – using less energy, generating less CO2, saving valuable floor space, and achieving significant total cost of ownership savings - making them ideal for IT applications.

Our three-phase UPS products include:

  • PowerWAVE 9500DPA - rack-mounted, modular, transformerless UPS for applications up to 3MW - ECA approved
  • PowerWAVE 9000DPA – rack-mounted, modular, transformerless UPS for applications up to 250kVA
  • PowerWAVE 8000DPA – rack-mounted or rack-independent UPS for applications up to 200kVA
  • PowerWAVE 6000 – standalone UPS for applications of 60-500kVA
  • PowerWAVE 5000/TP – standalone, transformerless UPS for applications up to 40kVA
Three-Phase Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Single-Phase Uninterruptible Power Supplies

UPS Ltd's single-phase UPS solutions are specifically designed to provide small scale critical power protection for a wide range of applications, such as computers, small/mid-size server rooms, IT networks, telecommunication systems, CCTV and medical equipment.

Our single-phase products include:

  • MINIPowerPLUS –scalable, upgradable, parallel redundancy for applications up to 10kVA
  • PowerWAVE 1000 – compact design offered in both 19" rack and tower versions for applications of 1 - 10kVA
  • PowerWAVE 3000/TP – A single-phase UPS with scalable runtime for critical applications. True double-conversion, transformerless online UPS with a low total cost of ownership and low carbon footprint for up to 20 kVA of guaranteed power.
Single-Phase Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Standby Generator Solutions

Uninterruptible Power Supplies Ltd provides a comprehensive range of stand-by diesel generators to deliver maximum power, performance, flexibility and fuel efficiency.

  • 10kVA to 3300kVA
  • Acoustic enclosures including bespoke acoustic packages
  • Choice of control panel; NEXYS, TELYS
  • 12, 24 or 48 hour bunded base tanks
  • Provides a choice of two quality automatic changeover panels- the VERSO 100 & 200
  • Manual and automatic control of the generator; APM303
  • Single and three phases products

Our single-phase products include:

  • PowerWave T Series - provides a reliable backup power supply to minimise business loss during power failures. Robust UPS generators with long run time for continuous operation.

Our three-phase products include:

  • PowerWAVE V Series: high specification range of UPS generators providing ‘turnkey’ backup power with TELYS control panels fitted as standard..
  • PowerWAVE J Series:Series of three phase UPS generators providing power from 22 to 440 kVA. 
  • PowerWAVE T Series: Powerful series of standby generators available in 11 models from 5kVA to 44kVA for single and three phase business applications.
Standby Generator Solutions

Emergency Lighting Static Inverters

The PowerWAVE EL, is a high performance static inverter (500VA to 3000VA) that allows for an internal self-contained battery system, capable of supplying standard emergency lighting for 3 hour autonomy. It is most commonly applied to emergency lighting, central power, and fire alarm & safety systems.

UPSL offers a range of emergency lighting protection products; single and three phase

Single Phase:

  • PowerWAVE EL100 Series: single phase input & output static inverter from 4kVA to 12kVA
  • PowerWAVE EL100XA Series: high performance static inverter with single-phase input and output providing emergency battery power using state-of-the-art technology
  • PowerWAVE EL200 Series: eliable emergency power system with three phase input and single phase output providing power from 10kVA to 30kVA

Three Phase:

  • PowerWAVE EL300DSP Series: high performance, transformerless, three phase input and output static inverter with a choice of models providing power from 10kVA to 160kVA





Emergency Lighting Static Inverters

Service Solutions

Delivered by our factory trained engineers and support staff, we offer the most comprehensive and cost-effective service plans available, ensuring power protection systems are expertly maintained on a regular basis. Our wide range of services include:

  • Initial site surveys
  • System design
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Battery maintenance, replacement and testing
  • Load bank testing
  • Disposal
  • Generator and UPS Hire

In addition, UPS Ltd offer two additional service options that could revolutionise your company's power protection.

1. PowerNSURE:

The PowerNSURE system from UPS Ltd is the most advanced product on the market today, providing an ethernet-network integrated battery monitoring and management system. Using web-management technology, it checks the internal resistance, temperature and voltage of every single battery sequentially. Through the Equalisation process, the system corrects the charging voltage operating range. This prevents gassing, dry-out and thermal runaway.The constant monitoring and controlling of the individual charging voltages for each battery guarantees the availability of the battery at all times.


PowerREPORTER is a remote monitoring service specifically designed to ensure your business’ critical load is protected by dedicated, trained personnel, even when your facility is unmanned.

Continuous monitoring and management of your UPS
Ideal for mission-critical systems and unmanned sites
Alarm-triggered interrogation of UPS parameters for remote diagnosis
Prevention and early fault detection
Dedicated UPS Ltd Support Centre - Manned 24/7/365 to collect, assess and respond
Combined with a service contract, PowerREPORTER improves service levels, enabling engineers to arrive on site with the correct spares.

Service Solutions

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