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Unison Ltd is a leading manufacturer of tube bending machines. Unison’s tube bending machines are CNC all electric models. 

Their tube bending machines require much less electricity than hydraulic systems. They are accurate, easy to use and quiet in operation. They are also easy to clean and environmentally friendly.

All of their tube bending machines feature advanced customer support technology.

Twin Head Tube Benders

Unison Ltd's twin head tube benders are all electric models and were specially designed for the high speed manufacture of symmetrical shapes in tube or square section.

Their twin head tube benders can be fitted with a selection of extras, including: weld seam detection units, end formers, tube marking equipment, bar code tube batch readers and many more.

Stacking equipment or robots can be used as part of the automatic unloading for a second operation such as punching or welding.

Twin Head Tube Benders

Robot Tube Benders

 Unison Ltd's robot tube benders are suitable for the production of long multi-bend parts including: power steering, air conditioning and brake tubes.

Their robot tube benders can be self loading and unloading if necessary. Unison's robot tube benders are state-of-the-art multi-axis machines that produce a reduced level of noise and dirt.

Robot Tube Benders

Automated Production Cells

Unison Ltd's automatic production cells were designed and built to meet demand customer requirements.

Their automated production cells are used in the production of a whole host of products, including Aerospace, Automotive and Furniture products.

Their automated production cells are reliable, extremely accuracy and perfect for high volume applications. 

Automated Production Cells

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