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United Alloys offers cost-effective manufacturing. Our core focus is stainless steel and aluminium.  We are Stainless Steel Specialist with particular expertise in supplying bespoke components based upon stainless steel tube and aluminium extrusion.

Stainless Steel Tube

As Stainless Steel specialists, United Alloys has developed a particular expertise in tubular components involving shaping, maipulation and coiling.

Specialist Stainless Steel products include: Handrail Tube and Fittings included Slotted Fittings,Stainless Steel Tube,  Flexible Hoses, Fasteners, High Purity Tube & Fittings, Rolled Edge Flat Bar in non-standard sizes, Treadplate, Polished Sheet/Plate and Polished Flat Bar.

Bespoke Processed Products in Stainless Steel include: Tube Coils, Coil Radiators, Dished Ends, Slit Coil, Bar and Sheet/Plate, Blanks, Polishing and Finishing , Cut/machined/formed/fabricated components to customers' drawings.

Tube Manipulation

Processing and manufacturing is carried out at United Alloys facilities: we offer the following Tube Manipulation, Shaping and Coiling:

Cutting to length, Perforating, Machining, Threading, Bending, De-Coiling and Blanking, Drilling, Polishing and Finishing, Pre-fabrication and Welding, Components and Sub-assembly, Kitting and Supply Logistics

Aluminium Extrusion

United Alloys has developed a particular expertise in sourcing bespoke Aluminium Extrusions to customers' designs.We make awide range of standard shapes and sizes available.

The standard range in Aluminium Extrusions spans:Bar - Round, Square, Flat, Hexagon, Angle, Tube - Round, Square, Rectangular, Channel and Tee.

Specialist Aluminium Extrusions include: Extrusions to customers drawings, Pipe and Tube, including Seamless Tube.

Bespoke Processed Products in Aluminium Extrusion include: Anodising, Powder Coating, Cut Lengths and Bar Blanks, Cut/machined/formed/fabricated components to customers' drawings.

Aluminium Rolled Metal

United Alloys are part of Amari Metals and has access to the UK's largest and most comprehensive stock of standard products in Aluminium Rolled Metal.

Standard range in Rolled Aluminium: Plate, Sheet, Coil, Treadplate and Patterned Sheet.

Specialist Rolled Aluminium products include: Finstock, Foil, Brightened & Anodised sheet/strip, Painted sheet/strip, Chromated materiala and Composite Panels.

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