United Industrial Converters Ltd (t/a Unicon)


At Unicon, we are renowned specialist foam converters and distributors for the building, construction, automotive and packaging industries. We have over seven decades of experience as professional foam converters and can assist you with all aspects of design, planning and material specification.

Our typical projects and applications have included:

  • Packaging - Case Inserts / Display Packaging / Corner Pads
  • Sports and Leisure - Camping Mats / Gymnasium Mats
  • Military - Army Camping Mats 
  • Filtration - Air Conditioning Filtration / Vacuum Cleaner filtration 
  • Building and Construction - Pipe Insulation / Floor Underlay
  • Automotive - Gaskets and Seals / Sound Insulation


We specialise in Stratocell (non cross linked polyethylene) available in white, black and pink. We can offer custom-made stratocell (non cross linked polyethylene) foam depending on your thicknesses and form specifications.


Sponge Rubber Mouldings

At Unicon, we can cater for sponge rubber mouldings with extrusions in both sponge and solid rubber materials. Our moulding works may include processes such as converting gaskets, pads or sealing strips. Facilities are also available to join, notch mould or assemble sponge rubbers to fittings.

We are able to offer sponge rubber mouldings for all major grades of rubber.

Sponge Rubber Mouldings

Leisure Foam Products

At Unicon, we have many high-class leisure foam products to offer.

Our current range of leisure foam products includes:

  • Foam garden kneeling mats
  • Foam hands, swords and cricket bats
  • Foam jigsaw puzzles
Leisure Foam Products
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