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Universal Biologicals (Cambridge) specialises in the distribution of high performance plastic tubing and labware for ultra-pure and critical laboratory applications in research and industry. We are distributors for Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics Laboratory Division who is a recognised global leader in advanced polymer technology and product innovations including the brands Bio-Simplex™, Bytac®, C-Flex®, Chemware®, LabPure®, Norwell®, PharmaFluor®, PharMed® BPT, Sani-Tech®, Tygon®, Versilic® and Zitex® — each representing a longstanding tradition of product excellence.

We also supply an extensive range of easy-to use assay kits for pharmaceutical, medical, laboratory, food and environmental applications.

High Performance Plastic Tubing

Universal Biologicals (Cambridge) offer the complete range of flexible Tygon® tubing products each engineered to meet specific user needs in biotechnology, pharmaceutical, food, industrial and environmental  markets. A number of these tubings have been developed for use in peristaltic pumps and autoanalysers.

We offer a wide range of products from stock at competitive prices and are always welcome enquiries regarding tubing selection.

Carboys & Accessories

Universal Biologicals (Cambridge) offers Saint-Gobain Bio-Simplex™ Carboys which provide a space-saving, ergonomic, versatile alternative to traditional round carboys. All carboys are manufactured from durable USP Class VI, FDA-grade, BPA-free material and are compatible with a broad spectrum of chemicals. The carboys are available with a range of closure accessories for advanced fluid handling systems.

High Performance Labware

Universal Biologicals (Cambridge) offer a wide range of Saint-Gobain Labware featuring fluoropolymer, silicone and rubber products for ultra-pure and critical laboratory applications.These products feature inert fluoropolymer containers , bench protectors, handling and environmental sampling devices, silicone and rubber stoppers.

Environmental Sampling Products

Universal Biologicals (Cambridge) offer the Saint-Gobain non-contaminating fluoropolymer  Norwell ®drum /tank samplers for safe accurate collection  of liquids, Norwell® bailer assembly for ground water monitoring and Chemware®gas/liquid sample bags.

Assay Kits

BioAssay Systems offers assay kits that are simple and convenient to use, which are superior in performance and require little to no time for assay optimization. They specialise in biochemical and cell-based assays for both routine tests and high-throughput applications in biochemical, food and environmental laboratories.

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