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UMS Ltd have over 50 years experience manufacturing, supplying and supporting a wide range of marking systems for component identification and traceability.  There are so many considerations when it comes to part marking: your production line integration, working to industry marking standards, component material, size, surface finish, format of data to be marked, batch size etc.  That's why we take a hands on approach, working closely with you to get every detail right.  After an initial consultation we can mark samples for you, carry out an indepth demonstration, produce a detailed spec and quotation, including any bespoke items.  We will then deliver and install your marking machine and follow up with ongoing service & support.

Our Range Includes:


Laser Marking

The SIC range of workstation and integrated fiber lasers (also known as laser engraving) is an extremely efficient marking technology and provides high contrast, marks suited to laser marking metal as well a a range of other materials.  The 20W or 50W workstation laser marking systems are of robust steel construction designed to meet the most challenging environments.

Dot Peen Marking

Choose dot peen marking (also known as micropercussion, pinstamp and dot marking) for permanent, programmable indent marking delivered through quiet electromagnetic technology.    A variety of advanced and entry level systems including benchtop, fully portable, battery operated and integrated marking.  Deep marking options as well as production line systems with compact marking heads as well as a wide range of options, accessories, fixturing, feed systems etc.

Electrochemical Marking

Electrochemical marking (also known as electrolytic marking or chemi etch)  offers real versatility as the units are small and portable yet deliver extremely high quality markets at a very affordable price.  Whether you need to mark the smallest character on the most awkward shaped component, data matrix, serial numbers or a large logo on a piece of sheet metal, electrochemical marking can do it all.  Permanent and minimal stress on most metals delivering marking cycle speeds from 0.25sec to 4 secs for most sized marks.

Scribe Marking

Commonly used for VIN marking applications within the Automotive industry scribe marking delivers a high precision continuous marking motion available in benchtop or integrated models with a deep marking option available.  Options include rotary axis and maintenance kit.

Hand Stamps

For very low volume marking applications hand stamps are ideal where speed and quality are not of paramount importance or as a back up to other marking systems.  A low cost marking option, the range includes hand stamps, numbering heads, branding irons and engraving pens.

UMS have been supplying systems for over 53 years to most industrial sectors including Aerospace, Automotive, Oil & Gas, Medical, Space, Nuclear, Rail and Food Processing both in the UK and  worldwide through a network of distributors. ISO9001 (2008) (GB4976).

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