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Universeal UK manufactures tamper-evident Security Seals - High Security Bolt / Cable Seals, Metal Strip Seals, Plastic Indicative Seals, Printed Cable ties, Clinical Waste Seals, Security Labels...

Our Security Seals are used worldwide to seal shipping containers, trucks/trailers, tankers/valves, medical cabinets, railway cars, roll-cages, oil drums, sacks & enclosures

Security Seals

Our tamper-evident security seals provide indicative security for any application - including sealing of cash bags, truck and trailer doors, tanker valves, chemical drums, first aid kits, crash trolleys, industrial sacks, product bags, and more. We offer pull-through seals, as well as fixed-length seals ideal for trailer doors, and padlock security seals suitable for using on small cabinets and enclosures.

We are specialists in providing customised solutions - we can customise all of our security seals with barcoding, QR codes, company logos, embedded mould customisation and more. We are also capable of producing custom-engineered products to suit your particular requirements.

Container Seals

Our high security Locktainer container bolt seals are the ideal barrier seal for the secure transportation of shipping containers, trucks and trailers. Our bolt seals are fully ISO-17712 and CT-PAT compliant, offering the highest level of protection for your cargo throughout the world. Our bolt seals are accepted by UK, US and EEC custom authorities, as well as being the only approved seal for EuroTunnel freight. We supply sequentially numbered bolt seals from stock, as well as customised bolt seals - please enquire with us for longer-length or curved pins to suit your particular niche requirement.

Cable Seals

Flexible, tamperproof, user-friendly and customisable; our cable seals are available with metal or plastic bodies, a range of cable diameters from 1.5 to 5mm, and customised lengths to suit any application... sealing industrial drums and valves, security bags, shipping containers, and more.

For high-security shipping applications, our Flexigrip 325M, 350M and 500M seals are ISO-17712 and C-TPAT compliant for international shipping movements – including approval for US customs entry. We supply sequentially numbered cable seals from stock in a range of colours, as well as customised cable seals.

Printed Cable Ties

We offer a wide range of cable ties, having supplied our customers with plain, printed and specialist cable ties for over 25 years. Cable ties from Universeal are the ideal solution for the sealing and identification of assets, clinical waste bags, equipment and machinery - from small miniature 100x2.5m to heavy-duty 1030x12.7mm sizes. Cable ties are available in many colours and suitable for many industries. We can customise popular sizes of cable ties and Tab Ties with sequential numbering, customised text, barcoding and QR codes for your needs.

Bag Ties

Universeal UK is the major supplier of clinical waste ties and security seals to the healthcare sector. We supply printed clinical waste ties, waste tags and security seals to suit your particular requirements - to seal clinical waste, crash trolleys, medical cabinets and more. Our hospital identification ties and security seals can be customised with hospital/ward names, telephone numbers, postcodes and white write-on surfaces.  We also offer an online, free of charge seal tracker to our NHS customers, to allow them to easily record and track which departments have been issued with ties.

Metal Seals

Our metal strip security seals provide an affordable solution for many applications, particularly in the haulage industry. They are generally stronger than most plastic indicative seals, having pulling strengths between 40 and 70 KgF depending on the model of seal (either Globe or Premier metal strip seals), and require snips, cutters or similar to remove. Their narrow width means they are very effective when used in conjunction with TIR cables around curtain-sides of a trailer.

Security Labels

We offer a range of security labels and tape, manufactured to prevent unauthorised users from removing or tampering with the sealed item without the knowledge of the user. They can be used for many different types of surface application for identification and tamper-evidence.

Different types of security labels are available, including residue type (leaves a residue on the sealed surface upon removal); non-residue (delaminates only the label itself) and destructible (cannot be removed without fragmenting).

As well as our standard stock items, we are also able to offer bespoke labels, produced to your size, specification, marking etc. 

Asset Tagging

Our range of asset & inspection tagging products allow for the easy and inexpensive identification, audit and tracking of a range of fixed and moveable assets, equipment, safety gear and more. We can customise our products such as identification ties and asset labels with bespoke identification codes, custom text, sequential numbering, barcoding, dates of next inspection etc for deployment for your needs. We also offer online tracking software with which you can issue, track and search inventories of tagged items for easier asset and inspection management.


Security Pouches

Our security envelopes, pouches and bags are available in both single-use and re-useable variations. Our single-use bags are manufactured in polythene, with Platinum tamper-evident adhesive seal. They are available in custom sizes and with bespoke printing to your requirements.

Our re-usable bags and pouches are manufactured in durable PVC and incorporate a number of tamper-evident features to ensure the secure transportation of high-value or confidential contents. The use of tamper evident seals to lock the zip ensures the integrity of the contents upon their arrival as well acting as a deterrent to unauthorised access during transit.

Security Boxes

Our security tote boxes and plug seals are the perfect solution for the secure storage and transport of many kinds of bulk items, inventory and documents for archive. Our tote boxes are available in the following sizes: 28ltr, 43lt, 55ltr and 80ltr.

Truck Security

Univereal UK supplies a range of additional security parts and components for use in the haulage / truck-and-trailer industry- including our TIR cords for curtain-sided trailers and our Repair-a-Patch curtain-side repair kits.

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