Up & Running Systems Ltd.

A dynamic innovating company, our display business has real flair in the electronic display and digital signage marketplace. We have been established in the supply, installation, training and maintenance of programmable displays for 19 years.

Building on our original abilities in the I.T. & I.C.T. fields and with the product knowledge gained through acquisitions and our own R&D, we offer a fully integrated approach to electronic displays and signage. We cover the whole system, across the network and or internet, down to the user, rather than simply selling a display that the customer then has to figure out how to make it work in his infrastructure.

Our primary markets are Retail, Leisure, Production/Manufacturing, Local Government and Blue Chip corporate receptions.

Our design ethos for displays;
ELEGANCE in design and appearance.
AFFORDABILITY in keeping within client budgets.
SIMPLICITY of OPERATION especially for software applications.
INNOVATION in product design and technology.

We supply both interior and exterior variable message/content displays using LED, LCD, Plasma, Projection and various other technologies.
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