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We provide remote aerial video and photography in the UK under the CAA's BNUC-STM license. This license is a legal requirement in the UK and Europe to undertake commercial aerial work using unmanned aerial vehicles.


Started in 2004, our mission has been to offer unparalleled imagery from a unique perspective at an affordable cost.  We provide an extensive range of services from high definition aerial footage for the film industry to digital SLR photography for property marketing and architectural surveys.

Our clients include:

  • The BBC
  • Channel 4
  • English Heritage
  • Knight Frank
  • Network Rail

Aerial Photography

We provide drone photography services to get you the perfect images. The Helicam is an unusual looking but incredibly stable platform for high resolution video and photographic cameras up to 400 feet. The stability in our drone photography comes from the eight rotor design, low center of gravity and its sohphisticated flight control system. Using GPS guidance and the latest sensor technology, the helicam is unbeatably smooth, safe and reliable in flight.

Aerial Filming

The HeliCam is extremely versatile which gives it great value for money, as well as offering smooth aerial footage. It can be used to simulate crane shots and track and dolly shots. It is electric powered for non-intrusive indoor studio work and it will also pack down for international travel.

To provide unmatched drone filming services, we constantly re-invest in our equipment, technology and design to offer the highest quality footage from the smoothest platform possible.

Segway and MoVI Filming

Combining flawless MoVI camera stabilisation with the smooth movement and versatility of the Segway offers some amazing shot possibilities.

Check out the video below for an example of this equipment in use. We advise hiring one of our experienced camera operators with the Segway and MoVI to get the best results.

Features and benefits of the Segway and MoVI.
Smooth infinity tracking shots – follow presenters, walkers, runners, vehicles etc…
Extremely controllable - Slow and fast over most terrain (0.1mph - 12.5mph)
Versatile movement - turn on the spot, smooth start and stop, narrow form factor
Low fatigue factor – Re-set quickly and get more done in less time.
Other info - 12 mile range (depending on terrain), reduced performance in cold weather, near silent operation.
The Segway can also be used on location to carry equipment quickly and effortlessly between setups. Consider using the Segway for the soundman (Dry hire)
The AirWheel is a much smaller mono-wheel unit which operates in the same way as the Segway. This can be used in more confined areas.

Aerial 360 Virtual Tours

Upper Cut Productions offers a ‘revolutionary’ new service. Popular with universities, schools and government bodies, we can create aerial 360 virtual tours from the HeliCam, up to 400ft in altitude. Please visit our website for examples.

Offering your clients the luxury of emersively scrolling in every direction, high above a subject, is not only exciting but extremely valuable. It allows the viewer to easily build a 3D understanding of the subject in its surrounding area.Taking the service to the highest level, it is now possible to incorporate Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) into our HeliCam aerial 360 virtual tours.

Property Marketing Photography

First impressions count. Our glamorous property marketing photography are ideal for your brochures or websites. They can be used to show off a development to clients and investors.

we also undertake ground-based interior and property marketing purposes. Email or call us to find out about our discounted packages for doing both. Some of our clients include Savills, Knight Frank, Brown & Co, Fisher German and Carter Jonas.

Construction Time Lapse Photography

Time lapse photography is the technique of taking many photographs of a subject over a period of time and then processing the images in quick succession to play as a movie. There are a number of uses for time lapse and it can be an extremely effective way to showcase an event, construction or process that may take a long time to develop. 

We use professional DSLR cameras encased in weatherproof, climate controlled cabinets and the photographs can be monitored online through a secure login. For construction projects, the cameras can be used for security and progress monitoring aswell as marketing for post project presentations. We were recently required to cover the UEFA Champions League Football match between Manchester United and Barcelona on 28.05.11. We used 5 cameras to cover the preparation of the stadium and the game itself which has been broadcast on ITV Sport and various other channels.

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