UPS Systems plc

UPS Systems plc is the largest independent supplier of standby power solutions in the UK.

By offering the widest range of UPS, generator and fuel cell products available we can offer completely impartial FREE advice and provide solutions that are carefully tailored to precisely meet your continuous power requirements.

Our expertise is in product specification, selection, sourcing and complete project management from brief to installation. We also offer a wide range of service and support programmes to match your system needs.

With more fuel cell expertise than any other UK standby power provider, we can also provide “clean” solutions incorporating this latest technology, for portable, stationary and prime power applications.

UPS systems - the Home of Standby Power Solutions.


UPS Systems offers totally impartial advice and genuine choice when selecting uninterruptible power supplies, chosen from the product ranges of all major UPS manufacturers.

We supply uninterruptible power supplies from 300VA to 1MVA, in rack mounted or stand alone configurations. These can be off-line or on line, single phase, three phase, line interactive, double conversion, flywheel or parallel redundant systems.

If you require advice on the best system suited to your needs, contact our knowledgeable and helpful sales department.

UPS Systems Product Ranges Include

  • UPS (Uninterruptible power supplies)
  • Standby power batteries
  • Replacement standby power batteries
  • Battery racks
  • Generators
  • Fuel cells

Standby Generators

Standby power generators of all sizes up to 2.2MVA. These can be matched to UPS or multiple generators, and can be synchronised to enable their outputs to be connected, creating even greater power outputs if required. UPS Systems plc can also provide matched UPS and generators (either for purchase, lease, hire or on standby), to switchgear and AMF panels, including fuel tanks and re-fuelling services.

UPS Servicing

UPS Systems plc offer service visits for Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS).

Maintenance contracts, or ad hoc visits  can be arranged. Contact our service team for further information.

Generator Servicing

UPS Systems plc offer servicing contracts or ad hoc visits for generator maintenance.

Remote monitoring is also offered allowing designated personnel to be alerted should an incident occur. Fuel levels are also monitored.

Contact our service team for further information.

Generator Servicing

Fuel Cells

UPS Systems is the leading UK supplier of fuel cells for both prime and standby power applications, and has provided over 50 commercial fuel cells since 2006. Using methanol, hydrogen or reformed natural gas as a fuel source, these units can provide from 25W through to 450kW. The fuel cells supplied by UPS Systems are now a viable commercial product, and a clean fuel alternative to current power sources, ideal for use in both portable and static applications.

For further information follow the link to the UPS Systems web site.

Fuel Cells

Standby Power Batteries

UPS Systems plc can supply standby power batteries for extended run times for UPS, or replacement batteries for all leading makes of UPS and generators. The UPS Systems team will be happy to advise. Follow the link to the UPS Systems website for further information. 

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