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At Upton Oil Company, we pride ourselves in being an independent family-owned company with 75 years of experience behind us to ensure the best reliable service.

Our sales and transport staff have acute local knowledge, making us excellent commercial oil distributors in Dorset. We provide a fine range of oil products including agricultural & plant, industrial and marine, road fuels and lubricants. We are commercial oil distributors based in Dorset but also have depots throughout Hampshire and Wiltshire providing greater area coverage.

Commercial Lubricant Distributors Dorset

We also serve as commercial lubricant distributors in Dorset and surrounding areas, and have a team of sales and transport staff with excellent local knowledge. This makes us top commercial lubricant distributors in the Dorset area.

Commercial Lubricant Distributors Dorset

Oil Tanks Dorset

At Upton Oil, we stock an extensive range of oil tanks in the Dorset area including fuel and lubricant handling hardware. If storage is needed, or you require lubricant or fuel to be moved or measured, our supply of oil tanks in Dorset can resolve your concerns.

We have:

  • Steel tanks made to order
  • Plastic tanks in a range of sizes and capacities for both domestic and commercial use
  • A tank replacement service with a pumping and disposal service
  • Tank and pump installations (by OFTEC trained engineers)
Oil Tanks Dorset

Lubricant Supplier Hampshire

Manufactured to the highest standards, we supply a vast range of lubricants and are a key lubricant supplier in the Hampshire region. Our company meets the most recent industry specifications and we achieve the performance levels specified by the main equipment manufacturers. This ensures we remain an excellent lubricant supplier around Hampshire.

Lubricant Supplier Hampshire

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