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Uson, based in Suffolk, are world leaders in leak testing, detection and solutions for leak, functional testing of critical applications in the medical, automotive and other industries. We are more experienced in these specialised fields than any other company in the world.   Our wide range of products enables us to cover most applications with a tester specifically configured for the intended issue. Operating modes include, pressure decay, mass flow, differential flow, pressure change, volume verification, occlusion testing, and much more.

Optima vT

Our industry-leading reliability and advanced testing technology is represented in the performance of our Optima vT. The large, clear touch-screen display offers instant control and information for the user.

In addition to our Optima vT, our second generation test control unit, TCU2 , allows up to four high resolution sensors and also boasts custom pneumatic configurations exhibiting state-of-art leak and flow test design.

Leak Detection Techniques

We specialise in many leak detection techniques:

Leak Detection Equipment

If you work in the medical, automotive, industrial or packaging industry and have an application that requires a leak test, Uson Ltd has a tester for you. The tester will be preconfigured for your application.  

Our family of leak testing equipment will have something suitable for your needs.

  • Vector
  • Sprint
  • Qualitek
  • Optima vT
  • Qualipak
  • Testra
  • PREX
  • Qualichek SF6 Detector

Uson has over 40 years experience in providing proven solutions to manufacturers world-wide. Call us now for a no-obligation quote or visit.  


At Uson, our representatives combine extensive knowledge about our products with deep industry experience to provide clients with value-added services to enable them to optimize their Uson equipment and maximize results.

We provide an inhouse calibration and repair service, where you testers will be assessed and serviced to the highest standard. Alternatively an engineer can perform a calibration and repair onsite at your business to save disruption to your production procedure.   

50 Years of Leak Testing

Every product is backed by an expert sales and support team. We first developed high accuracy leak testing methods for NASA’s space program. For 50 years, we have been at the forefront of leak detectors, leak testing, and fully customized leak detection systems.

Uson engineers leak detection equipment for markets such as:

  • Automotive/Transportation
  • Industrial
  • Medical device
  • Packaging

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