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Utile Engineering Co Ltd specialise in the manufacture of gas/air compressors. Their range includes natural gas, wet gas and air compressors. The following products are included in their gas/air compressors range: Digester Gas Mixing, Gas Engine Compressors, Vapour Recovery, Burners, Liquid Discharge Tankers, Aeration, Crop spraying and Air Blowers.

Vacuum Pumps

Utile Engineering Co Ltd manufacture a comprehensive range of vacuum pumps. They manufacture the following vacuum pumps:

  • De-Aeration
  • Carton Erecting
  • Egg Grading
  • Vacuum Forming
  • Central Vacuum Systems

Dewatering, liquid waste tankers, dairy vacuum pumps and vacuum priming pumps are also available.

Gas Boosters

Utile Engineering Co Ltd has a wide selection of gas boosters. Their range includes:

  • Gas Burners
  • Gas Engines
  • Waste Gas Burners

Their gas boosters are specially designed to meet industrial requirements.

Mixing Systems

Utile Engineering Co Ltd specialise in the manufacture and supply of mixing systems. They can produce gas and air mixing systems for a wide selection of applications.

Their mixing systems are Atex compliant, DSEAR compliant and can increase operating efficiency. Utile Engineering Co Ltd has over twenty years of experience in the design, supply and installation of mixing systems.

Pump/Compressor Service

Utile Engineering Co Ltd has a team of multi-skilled and highly trained engineers. Utile Engineering Co Ltd's highly skilled engineers are capable of pump/compressor service, maintenance and installation. Their pump/compressor services are carried out in-house or on-site if required.

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