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uv-technik International Ltd
Established in 1986 uv-technik has become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of uv lamps and components

Historically the choice of Original Equipment Manufacturers; the creation of; uv-technik International Ltd has opened the doors to end users and distributors to offer our long life uv curing lamps and electronic ballasts directly to our customers worldwide.

UV Curing Lamps

Our customers' main UV applications are:

  • UV-curing of solvent-free inks, lacquers, coatings, synthetic materials and potting compounds,
  • UV special applications in photochemistry, analytic and ozone generation,
  • UV disinfection of water (drinking water, brewing water and sewage) air and surfaces,

UV medium-pressure lamps with a power of 1 kW to 70 kW are manufactured in accordance to DIN ISO 9001 at our factory near Munich and also to customers’ specifications at our workshop located in UV-technik Speziallampen GmbH.
UV-lamps are mercury-vapour medium-pressure lamps of high specific power with optimized UVC-output. The radiation emitted can break up molecules of chemical compounds and also has a germicidal effect. Therefore UV-lamps are used for the UV-oxidation, the sterilization of liquids and surfaces of solid materials as well as for curing applications.

For UV-oxidation the intensive UVC output in combination with ozone or H2O2 is used. In special cases, the lamp bulbs are produced of synthetic quartz, to use the 185nm line too, which is otherwise absorbed by the normal quartz material and the oxygen in the ambient air.


One of the main areas of application is the curing of printing inks, lacquers, adhesives, casting materials and polyester resins in the following fields:

  • Graphics Industry - Printing Machines,
  • Furniture Industry - Varnishing,
  • Electronic Industry - Printed Circuit Boards

CD and DVD production 
Advantages of UV-curing are:

  • The materials are solvent-free and thus there is no environmental issue.
  • The rapid curing of the material guarantees high production rates.

Essential qualities of the UV-lamps are high UV-output and long useful lifetime. A Main feature is the combination of a new electrode and coordinated halogen cycle resulting in a high UV-output over the whole lifetime. This is why a useful lifetime of 1500 operating hours with a radiation loss max. 25 % can be guaranteed for standard lamps (rating 100 W/cm)

UV Curing Lamps

UV Lamp Ballasts

Advantages for the user:

  • Stepless adjustability of lamp power and through its optimal adaptation to the curing process e.g. at variable machine speeds. Results are lower heat load of the irradiated object and the surrounding machines as well as energy saving.
  • Possibility of “balancing out” lamp ageing.
  • The requested and adjusted lamp power is consistently controlled and therefore independent of mains voltage variations or other influences.

Advantages for the machine producer (OEM):

  • ONE power supply for many different lamps and lamp powers: For lamp power from 1000 to 20,000 watt there are only five different EPS-types, which are necessary. Without changing the power supply, different lamps in the respective power range can be problem-free connected to EPS, merely the minimum and maximum values of the lamp and the respective EPS limits are set.
  • EPS are in very many cases smaller and lighter than conventional power supplies.
  • There is less time for installation and wiring.
  • Optimal for export, since it can be used worldwide on 380 to 505 V at 50 and 60Hz. without changing the power supply.
  • Possibilities of installing the power supply directly into the machine, so that the switch cabinet becomes unnecessary or it becomes clearly smaller.
  • Constant load of the 3 phases.
  • No additional ignition unit and no reactive current compensation are necessary.
  • Distance between power supply and lamp up to 15 m.
UV Lamp Ballasts

UV/IR Measurement

IR-sensor for measuring quartz tube temperature of UV lamps

The new sensor PM41-UVT measures IR radiation of 4,5 to 4,8 micrometres. As quartz naturally blocks the short wave IR radiation of the arc lower than 4,5 micrometres, the sensor only measures the long wave IR of the quartz tube itself. As a result it measures the real temperature of the tube, nothing else.

UV/IR Measurement


Our customers' main UV applications are:

  • UV disinfection of water (drinking water, brewing water and sewage) air and surfaces,
  • UV supported oxidation of organic harmful substances in air and water.

UV Disinfection

Eco-friendly disinfection with UV technology

Food production  companies have to meet exacting hygiene standards and ensure that surfaces are free of bacteria. Ultraviolet light (UV) is a natural, dry and uncomplicated treatment used for disinfection. Short-wave UV radiation has an intensive antibacterial effect. Within a few seconds, UV rays kill up to 99% of  microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, yeast and fungus without the need to  use chemicals.


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