UVO3 Ltd

We are specialists in UV disinfection and the treatment of water. Using current UV technology, we can provide the solution to your requirements.   We have a wide selection of WRAS-approved units for water applications specifically for drinking. We are also supply UV disinfection replacement parts.      

UV lamps and Quartz

We can supply a wide selection of UV lamps and quartz replacement parts including UV lamps, quartz sleeves and o-rings for most major UV brands. Our UV lamps and quartz sleeves are of the highest quality to save you money on the original OEM parts that are supplied.

We also supply UV lamps and quartz sleeves for the following makes: Hanovia, Photoscience, Voltarc, Wedeco, Aquada, UV Systems, Willand, Jabay, and Hydrotec / Hydropur.

Surface Disinfection

We offer you a selection of UV based surface disinfection cassettes as standard. We can also provide a bespoke service to suit your needs.

There are many advantages in using UV surface disinfection being chemical free, dry disinfection. The cassette is sealed so it is safe for food applications. UV surface disinfection systems also can be built into your existing process lines as well as being compact and easy to operate. They are also approved by the Organic Society.

Effluent UV Disinfection

We supply effluent UV disinfection modules designed to treat effluent and have a self cleaning technology built in. Our unit is self cleaning and has no moving parts thus allowing easy operation. They are maintenance free.

Effluent UV disinfection is becoming a more and more popular method as they have advantages over other methods including:

  • Short contact time
  • No consumption of chemicals
  • Low energy requirements
  • Dosage > 55 mJ/cm2
  • No moving parts
  • Easily maintained
  • Low running costs
  • 110V or 230V available
  • Pressure drop < 0.5'' of water

Van Remmen UV Techniek

We are the UK & Ireland distributors for Van Rem men UV Techniek BV, a world leading manufacturer of innovative UV equipment. Their ‘V’ Series water disinfection units are validated to BS 14897:2006 (applicable for UV units used in Buildings in the UK) and are also fully WRAS approved.  Independently tested and proven, these units incorporate axial flow chambers fitted with Van Remmen’s unique flow management system. They are ideal for commercial or industrial drinking water applications and can be tailored to suit your needs with the addition of UV sensors, over temperature sensors, BMS connections and many more options. Van Remmen units are manufactured using top quality 316L stainless steel, and many are fitted with high output long life amalgam UV lamps: this gives them a lamp life of up to 16000 hours, plus efficient operation and the lowest running costs.  Easy to install, operate and maintain, and proven to work.

Domestic UV water treatment

We also have the ability to provide domestic UV water treatmentWe have the advantage our WRAS Approved Atlas UV units are the most advanced domestic UV water treatment devices on the market and are at truly competitive prices. With a great colour screen giving meaningful user feedback, with our wide range of domestic UV water treatment units, we can offer you the right solution no matter what you need.

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