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V and F Sheet Metal are a UK Hampshire based sheet metal fabrication , sheet metal work and sub-contract engineering company, providing sheet metal manufacturing services from CNC punching, laser cutting, CNC bending, welding and presswork to CAD, CAM and software modelling for a range of industries in the UK  from electronics to lighting, heating and audio.

Established in Fareham, Hampshire in 1985, with the ability to handle engijeering projects from one off small batches of bespoke sheet metal work to high volume power press work V and F Sheet Metal are flexible enough to offer you the complete sub-contract sheet metal fabrication service for your growing company.  Regular deliveries to Portsmouth, Southampton, Winchester, Andover and other towns in Hampshire from our factories in Fareham with pallet and small package over night deliveries right across the UK.

We have grown to a size where we can offer a complete sheet metal fabrication and sheet metal work service to our customers in the UK and Europe. This can include advice on the suitability of sheet metal work designs for manufacturing, sub-assembly work or sub-contract finishing and treatments to your specification e.g. zinc plating, alocroming, iridite NCP, anodising, powder coating, wet painting and screen printing. Continually investing in the latest CNC manufacturing equipment and CAD/CAM software enables us to offer the best combination of quality and price to suit your sub-contract engineering and sheet metal fabrication requirements.

We have a long history of working with UK based lighting companies to reduce their sheet metal fabrication costs and improve the quality of their sub-contract engineering/sheet metal work projects.  With many standard CNC tools and material set-up costs can be kept to a minimum when considering new sheet metal fabrication projects.

  • Sheet Metal Enclosures and sheet metal housings for the electronics industry
  • Reflectors and sheet metal fabrications for the UK lighting industry
  • Sheet Metal Perforated Ventilation and Speaker grilles for the heating and audio industry
  • Front panel electronics and rack mount sheet metal work
  • Welded assemblies - thin gauge to 6mm sheet metal fabrications
  • CNC punching using the latest Trumpf CNC punch presses
  • CAD/CAM processes supported by Radan 3D and 2D software and Trumpf Trubend software
  • Sheet Metal CNC bending up to 2.5m long (6 press brakes), including 2 new Trumpf 7036 CNC press brakes
  • Tig, Mig, Gas, Spot and Stud sheet metal fabrication welding capacity
  • Power press sheet metal work up to 50 tons with custom press tools

Where can I get sheet metal work?  Look no further:

For further information and to discuss your personal sheet metal project requirements call us on 01489 577786.

For more information about sheet metal please visit this page What is Sheet Metal Work and how is it made?

Testimonials for sheet metal projects

“For over 20 years I have been using V and F Sheetmetal for my fabrication solutions. In this time I have found Vic and Ray to supply an excellent service at a competitive price.

The in-house design and development support supplied by the team coupled with their continued policy in purchasing ‘up to date machinery’ has enabled us to ‘deliver and compete’ in a very competitive market and the ‘always prepared to help’ attitude has ensured that our customers are rarely let down.”

Operations Director of a leading ductwork company in the Midlands

Trumpf 200 / 3000R CNC punch - the perfect sheet metal sub-contract machine

V&F Sheet metal's Trumpf 3000R CNC punch press punching is a real alternative to CNC laser cutting.

With very impressive productivity and countless special CNC punching features the Trumpf 3000R CNC punch press can take your sheet metal fabrication designs to a completely new level. Sheet metal CNC punched parts can be produced with CNC up formed or down formed plunges for self tapping screws or tapped with screw threads, small bends and mark free edges within the CNC punching cycle time. Your sheet metal work can include high speed CNC engraved part numbers, logos or product identification for batch identification.

CNC punching can also produce louvers, built in hinge forms, electrical knockouts and countersink forms which can all be manufactured to your bespoke sheet metal fabrication requirements. Being able to process components from sheet metal materials from as thin as 0.4mm right up to 6.0mm thick in a range of materials from steel, stainless steel and aluminium alloys allows us to offer you a very powerful and flexible sheet metal work manufacturing service.

Sheet metal work produced by CNC punching has never been so easy from prototypes and small batches to high volume production runs. The single CNC punching head on both our Trumpf 200R and Trumpf 3000R CNC punch presses enable us to reduce set up times to just a few minutes between production jobs enabling small batches to be run at very competitive prices, ask for a quote and see how this can benefit you. The Trumpf single head design also allows all tools that are loaded into it to rotate 360deg enabling very complex designs to be manufactured with ease and with less tool changes than any standard turret style CNC punch press. This flexibility also allows us to interlace sheet metal component parts within whatever sheets of metal we use to get the highest possible material utilisation = less material waste = cheaper components. This manufacturing flexibility is a major benefit when producing sheet metal work for special projects or low volume products and is passed onto you in lower prices but at no reduction in the quality of the sheet metal fabrications produced.

The ability of our Trumpf 3000R CNC punching machine to completely CNC punch a sheet with no tool clamp zone produces great material savings. This high material yield in today’s increasingly competitive market can be a great price advantage for you.

A CNC punching machine like the Trumpf 3000R needs powerful CADCAM software to get the very best from it and V and F Sheetmetal provide that with the complete Radan® CADCAM software suit. To learn a little more about our Radan software and the advantages it allows us to bring to you please see our pages on Radan® and designing for CNC punching. on our website.

Please visit our specific design pages showing examples of real sheet metal fabrications and the steps we have been through is turning a 3D software model into the final fabricated sheet metal work part, in this case a sheet metal fabricated box.

We believe that the Trumpf 200R and Trumpf 3000R CNC punch presses are the best CNC punching machines you can use to manufacture sheet metal fabrications. When this is combined with our Radan CAD/CAM software you have an unbeatable combination for manufacturing the best quality sheet metal work at a very competitive UK price. There’s only one way to see how effective this combination can be, ask for a quote and see the benefits for yourself. 

CNC Bending with the Trumpf 7036 new in MAY 2010

V and F Sheetmetal’s Trumpf 7036 CNC press brake is one of the fastest machines in the world for bending sheet metal components. To see more examples of work that can be produced with this great little machine, follow the links to our web site.

Now with off line Trumpf 3D bending software.


V and F Sheet Metal’s Trumpf 7036 CNC press brakes are currently one of the fastest CNC press brake bending machines in the world designed for CNC bending small sheet metal work components (anything up to 1M in length). These small format CNC press brakes offer not only fast manufacturing process bending speeds through their twin electric motor operation (saving money over hydraulic brake presses) but quick job set up times enabling small batches of sheet metal work to be manufactured just as efficiently as larger batches. Accuracy and efficiency have been increased through the use of a 6-axis light weight CNC back gauge system enabling the most complicated sheet metal work to be bent in one machine set-up and processing cycle repeatably and without delay. All CNC bending programs are stored on our computer network server allowing instant access to production data on our computer network therefore reducing the time taken to set up each job in the production workshop enabling us to sample possible design options quickly and even part batching when your order is needed in a hurry or you want to try out a sample.

With offline Trumpf Tru-Bend software linked to our 3D Radan modelling software V and F Sheet Metal’s engineering programming team can test out the optimum CNC bending sequence to suit your sheet metal work components before cutting any sheet materials. Time and material costs can be reduced helping to offer you the most competitive component prices without sacrificing the part quality. The combination of bending speed in conjunction with our Trumpf Tru-Bend off line CNC programming system definitely makes this the complete production package for a sub-contract engineering company looking to efficiently bend small sheet metal work up to 1M in length.

After a review of the best available CNC bending machines from several UK companies in the sheet metal industry our first Trumpf 7036 CNC press brake was installed in the middle of 2010. It immediately proved such a valuable addition to the CNC bending services we could offer our customers that a second machine has been installed in March 2011. This new major investment demonstrates V and F Sheet Metal’s continual commitment to offering the latest technologies for manufacturing sheet metal work in the UK straight from our factories in Fareham, Hampshire.

You can see here only a very small cross section of the sheet metal work we are now producing, please contact us to discuss further your current sub-contract engineering and sheet metal component design projects and we will be happy to offer you free help on the best design to reduce your costs in having your sheet metal components manufactured in the UK. In addition to these CNC press brakes we also have Edwards Pearson PR3 and PR6 machines that are able to fold sheet metal sections up to 2.5M in length with 60Tons of force, for more information please view our which you can see on the Edwards Pearson PR3 / PR6 web page.



See below : we now have a second machine March 2011


Why not click here to see the machine in action on YouTube

Radan Sheet Metal CAD CAM Software, 3D Modelling of CNC Punching and CNC Tooling

3D software models of complex sheet metal fabrications and full assemblies can be generated to eliminate design errors before any sheet metal work is undertaken. 3D and 2D images can then be used to help you visualise your own designs for manufacturing suitability. Where you only have a sample we can produce 2D drawings to work to in manufacturing and for your future reference. These drawings can be output in AutoCAD compatible file formats DWG and DXF. We can also import your 3D data from AutoDesk Inventor and Solidworks software to speed up CNC program generation. 2D developments can be automatically and accurately produced ready for CNC tooling and nesting.

In today’s fast moving business climate it’s essential to be able to communicate design information quickly and accurately backwards and forwards between customers and suppliers. V and F Sheet Metal have addressed this critical need with the implementation of the complete Radan® suite of CAD/CAM software for 2D drafting, CNC punch press tooling, nest generation and 3D solid modelling.

3D software models of complex sheet metal fabrications and full working assemblies can be generated to help eliminate design errors before any sheet metal work is physically undertaken. 3D and 2D images can then be used to help you visualise your own designs for manufacturing suitability or to relay your design option ideas to your customers. Where you only have a sheet metal sample to work from we can produce fully dimensioned 2D drawings to work to in our sheet metal manufacturing plant and for your future reference. These detailed dimensioned drawings can be output in AutoCAD® compatible file formats DWG and DXF. We can also import your 3D data from AutoDesk® Inventor and Solidworks® software to speed up the development of fault patterns, CNC punching program generation and reduce the possibility of interpretive errors. Precise 2D sheet metal flat pattern developments can be automatically and accurately produced by unfolding the 3D sheet metal software model ready for the selection of the best CNC punch tooling and most efficient CNC program nesting for a given sheet size which are usually the industry standard sizes of either 2M x 1M or 2.5M x 1.25M. Other sheet sizes can be sourced and of course parts of sheets are used for smaller batch sizes or physically smaller parts.

The use of Radan’s automatic sheet nesting capabilities enables V and F Sheet Metal to quickly try out different CNC punching nest options to evaluate the best material usage. With raw material prices rising faster than general inflation, the material cost is becoming a larger percentage of the overall component cost. Radan CAD/CAM software helps us to keep this cost to a minimum which in turn is passed onto you in more competitively quoted parts and less waste for recycling.

All the CNC punching features that are available on our Trumpf 3000R and Trumpf 200R CNC punching machines is fully supported by our Radan CAD/CAM software, enabling us to support you whether your design is a simple flat sheet metal plate right through to the most complex electronics chassis with many special formed features.

For more information on some of the main features you need to consider when designing sheet metal work for CNC punching please take a look at our design data page “What is CNC punching?” on our website


Now upgraded to Radan 2011 R2 - even more efficient nesting of sheet metal CNC punched parts.

Sheet metal fabrication and Press work | V and F Sheet Metal

Please follow this link to see a wide range of sheet metal fabrications manufactured from mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, zintec including:

CNC Punch Press bending faster than a press brake!

Forming small bends in sheet metal components on our Trumpf 3000 CNC punch press at over 2000 bends per hour.
Many times faster than conventional bending techniques.
Repeatable bending on every part.
Reduced lead times.
Reduced price per bend.

Why not click here to see the machine in action on YouTube


Gallery - Press work | V and F Sheet Metal

Press tool production of sheet metal components

CNC punching is a very flexible manufacturing process for small to medium volumes.  You can change designs from batch to batch with just a change to the CNC program and most times we will have tooling as standard to produce what you need.

However, if the volumes are high enough or the component has a complex form press tool production may be the solution.  We can produce plates, brackets, end caps etc very competitively through a number of presses up to 55 Tons in force.

Welding thin Gauge Sheet Metal, TIG Welding, MIG Welding, GAS Welding | V and F Sheet Metal

Complex sheet metal fabrications can be created from a range of ferrous and non-ferrous materials.  Tig welding, Mig welding, spot welding and brazing processes are employed to offer you the complete production service.


If you can design a sheet metal component which can be manufactured from one piece of sheet metal this is nearly always the best approach. However, you may have to design a component that has two or more gauges of sheet metal, shapes that would be materially inefficient to be CNC punched as one part of material, impossible to be manufactured as one or needing water tight joints. As with spot welding; tungsten inert gas (TIG), metal inert gas (MIG) or gas welding enables you to bring these parts cut from different sheet metal together into one fabrication. You have to be aware that a physical witness of the welding process will be seen and a heat affected zone (H.A.Z.) which will be visible as a burn mark on both sides of the weld and on bother surfaces of the sheet metal. The weld line can be cleaned back to the parent sheet metal and if the part is painted or polished the welded joint can be made invisible in the final sheet metal fabrication

Tungsten inert gas welding (TIG)

Tungsten inert gas welding is a type of arc welding process, which uses a non-consumable tungsten electrode, shrouded by a protective atmosphere of inert gas, such as argon. The extra weld metal if needed can be supplied by a separate filler rod or off cuts from the parent metal being welded. A direct current is used, with the electrode being electrically negative and the work piece electrically positive to avoid overheating and melting of the tungsten electrode.

Metal inert gas welding (MIG)

The metal inert gas welding process uses a consumable electrode which can be in the form of copper coated coiled steel wire. The same gas as TIG welding, argon is used to shield the weld from the atmosphere to prevent contamination during the welding process. As with TIG welding a direct current is used but with the electrode (wire) being electrically positive and the sheet metal work piece electrically negative to generate more heat therefore melting the electrode.

Gas welding / brazing

In some specialist instances we will need to gas weld or braze your components using oxy-fuel torches. This process is now only used where TIG or MIG are not suitable and we will guide you to the selection of the most appropriate welding process for your sheet metal welded fabrications.

There are many examples of welded sheet metal components on our website including components in mild steel, zintec, galvanised steel, stainless, brass and aluminium alloys.

At V&F Sheet Metal we have a range welding machines with the capacity to weld all sheet metal materials up to the gauges that we can CNC punch and beyond when we need to laser cut them. For specific welding fabrication needs please contact us direct where we can discuss your project and the best way to handle your fabrication welding needs.

CNC Punching sheet metal mild steel gear boxes

With 2 Trumpf CNC punching machines V and F Sheet metal can offer plenty of capacity to enable quick samples for new projects and larger batches.

To see more CNC punching on a Trumpf 3000R follow this video link.

Further CNC punched sheet metal parts can be found at this link

Typical sheet metal parts

To see a range of the sheet metal fabrications we make follow this link www.vandf.co.uk

Fast competitive quotes using advanced software follow this link www.vandf.co.uk/software/p4w-software/

For a quick quote to manufacture the sheet metal parts you need please e-mail us on sales@vandf.co.uk

Sheet Metal Blog

V and F Sheet Metal now have an active company blog aimed at adding to and explaining further the information about sheet metal design and sheet metal manufacturing plant already on our website.

For more updated news on V and F Sheet Metal, a range of sheet metal work ideas, sheet metal fabrications, news stories and recent projects with detailed help on designing with sheet metal why not visit us at our blog:


Sheet metal manufacturing videos

We now have a collection of manufacturing videos on YouTube which help to show just some of the services we can offer you. 

Please come back from time to time as we add more videos:


Trumpf 7036 - second machine increases small sheet metal CNC bending capacity

We were so pleased with the added CNC bending production and flexibility that our first Trumpf 7036 press brake gave us that we have installed a second (March 2011).  With both press brakes sharing CNC bending programs and CNC tooling we can move production schedules around to respond to the inevitable customer panics that come along.

There are lots of videos on YouTube which show these machines in action - channel rayfrith1

For more examples of sheet metal component case studies take a look at V and F Sheet Metal Blog

New Sheet Metal Work Website

We have just launched a new website aimed specifically at designers of sheet metal work.  We have an online database of standard CNC tooling which can be examined to ensure your designs take advantage of facilities that will not cost you any additional costs.

Take a look at www.vandf.co.uk to see the full story.

CNC Bend Table Data - V and F Sheet Metal

V and F Sheet Metal are pleased to be able to offer sheet metal CNC bend data online to aid our customers with their sheet metal designs.  You can now check for yourself on the sizes of bend that can be achieved using standard CNC press brake tooling.

It's always worth calling us to talk though your sheet metal component project if it has some unusual bend detail because we have many special bend tools that may be of help to you.

More data on z section bends can be found at CNC bending

CNC Punch Press Tooling Size Tables for Sheet Metal Fabrications | V and F Sheet Metal

We now have CNC punching tooling tables on our website.  This enables you to see which standard (free!) CNC tool can be picked to best suit your sheet metal component design.

Have a look at the standard 2D shapes; circles, squares, obrounds, rectangles, corners rads, bananas, single D and double D.


There is also a web page of non standard 2D CNC punching tools that can be down loaded as DXF files ready to use in your sheet metal work designs. 

Sheet metal press work - example

We were really pleased to look at this new sheet metal press work project for an existing customer as it meant keeping some press work here in the UK at our manufacturing base in Fareham, Hampshire. These galvanised mild steel enclosures are used to stop loft insulation from smothering any down lighting fitting that may be installed in an upstairs ceiling and protruding into the loft void above. The sheet metal mild steel enclosures are easy to fit being adjustable for the standard loft timber spacing. They are supplied in a flat pack form for ease of storage at our customer factory and transport to the installing contractors.


We manufacture each item of sheet metal work from a rolled coil of galvanised steel which is fed through our CNC de-coiler line and into our 55 ton mechanical HME power press. They are produced by one press cycle in a dedicated power press tool. They are then packed, including an instruction sheet and labelled up by us and delivered directly to our customer’s stores ready for them to send out to their customers when needed.


If you have a press work project that might need sheet metal work in higher numbers than that which may be suitable for CNC punching why not give us a call and we can look into press tooling for you. You might be surprised at how cost effective it can be on projects with lower quantities as well where complex piercing is needed.

Gallery - CNC Punching sheet metal work

CNC punching sheet metal for the electronics industry

CNC punching sheet metal work

CNC punching – sheet metal ventilation grilles from 0.7mm Zintec sheet material. Sheet metal components like these can be CNC punched out in seconds with dedicated tooling on our Trumpf CNC punch presses. The advantage for you is a cleanly cut punched features enhancing the final component finish and a reduced component price. Tooling costs are cheaper than you might think on a Trumpf CNC punch press.

CNC punching sheet metal work for the lighting industry

CNC punching sheet metal

CNC Punching – light fitting gear tray from 0.9mm Zintec metal. Sheet metal components such as these are well suited to CNC punching. The batch size the customer wanted was just 20 off but due to the small amount of time needed to set the CNC tools between jobs on our Trumpf punch presses the component was still within the customers target price and lead time.

CNC punching sheet metal brackets

CNC punching sheet metal

CNC Punching – an electronics fixing bracket manufactured from 0.9mm Zintec metal. Banana shaped CNC tools have been used to punch the curved slots as single hits in the component. Banana tooling can be used as in this example to produce single hit curved slots to provide arcs of adjustment around a central pivot point. They can also be used when overlapped to produce disks or circular cut-outs in sheet metal components. They are particularly useful where a single hit would not be possible; therefore any holes over 76mm diameter.

CNC punching sheet metal clamping brackets

CNC punching sheet metal

CNC Punching – Light fitting tunnel clamping bracket punched from 5mm mild steel plate. This sheet metal plate was produced much quicker by CNC punching than by drilling the holes and cheaper than laser cutting. Again, this component shows the versatility of CNC punching on our Trumpf punch presses, 5mm thick mild steel plate was punched out with standard CNC tooling.

CNC punching sheet metal in Hampshire, UK

CNC punching sheet metal

CNC Punching – electronics LED heat sink plates punched out from 0.9mm aluminium alloy. These small parts were simply produced by punching the 2 holes first and then punching with a single hit the component down a die the correct size for the outer circumference. The final part was collected in a tin below the punch press, the total time to CNC punch each part was under 1.5 seconds.

CNC punching stainless steel sheet metal work

CNC punching sheet metal

CNC punching – Heater assembly end plate punched from 1.2mm stainless steel alloy. This stainless steel component has an elliptical profile which has been produced by CNC nibbling with a 12mm square tool. Our Radan software takes care of the tool positions once we have a DXF file we only have to drawn the ellipse and allocate a CNC tool, easy when you know how.

CNC punching sheet metal back plates and front panels

CNC punching sheet metal

CNC punching – Light fitting back plate CNC punched from 1.5mm aluminium alloy sheet metal. The Trumpf 200 and 3000 punch presses are equally at home CNC punching mild steel, stainless steel or aluminium alloys in gauges from 0.7mm to 5mm. Other than separating the waste material for recycling the programming and tooling is the same for all 3 material types.

CNC punching sheet metal chassis panels

CNC punching sheet metal

CNC punching – Electronics chassis manufactured from 0.9mm mild steel. Again, a typical CNC punched part, the tabs in the middle of this component are bent out on one of our Trumpf 7036 CNC press brake but they may sometimes be folded out by hand if a line of holes have been CNC punched in place. This technique of folding alone the dotted line is quite popular when you are trying to save money by reducing sub-contractor manufacturing time.

Sub-contract CNC punching sheet metal

CNC punching sheet metal

CNC Punching – Electronics sheet metal work earth tag from Zintec. In the past, small sheet metal parts like these would have been produced by cutting out on a guillotine, corner notching and using a fly press to pierce the single hole but not today. The whole component is CNC punched out from a sheet of Zintec in under 3 seconds and with consistency of size throughout the batch and from batch to batch here in our factory here in Fareham, Hampshire.

CNC punching sheet metal

CNC punching sheet metal

CNC Punching – Electronics PCB connector blanking plate punched out from mild steel. Again the flexibility of a CNC punch press is shown in this small sheet metal component, radiused ends with plunged and tapped formed M3 threads all produced on the Trumpf 3000 CNC punch press. The thread is formed rather than tap cut so there is no swarf to remove from the finished part before being processed further or shipped to the customer.

CNC punching control panels from sheet metal

CNC punching sheet metal

CNC Punching – Professional audio speaker cabinet back panel sheet metal work CNC punched from 1.2mm thick mild steel. This sheet metal fabrication was manufactured as part of a family of parts on one sheet of mild steel. Our Radan software enables us to experiment with mixing different parts together across a range of sheets and sheet sizes to produce the best material utilization when manufacturing, keeping your costs to a minimum.

CNC punching light fitting housings

CNC punching sheet metal

CNC Punching – Light fitting housing sheet metal work manufactured from 0.9mm Zintec. Sheet metal CNC punched parts like these are typical of the work that we manufacture everyday of the week here at Fareham, Hampshire. Having 2 multitool stations each with 10 tools in and another 16 separate tool stations there is never a shortage of tooling options on our Trumpf 3000R punch press.

CNC punching sheet metal work

CNC punching sheet metal

CNC Punching – Flood light cowl fixing bracket produced from 304 0.9mm thick stainless steel. Simple sheet metal work component produced in small numbers often from offcuts of material from other larger parts or from within window cut-outs. The Trumpf punch presses are very adaptable in being able to run large standard sheets and special cut blanks down to small offcuts which might otherwise be scrapped, again saving money and wasting material.

CNC punching sheet metal work for the Audio Industry

CNC punching sheet metal

CNC punching – Speaker cabinet fabrication front frame sheet metal work from made from 1.2mm mild steel. Larger components like this mild steel frame with windows CNC punched in them can sometimes be used to produce other components that maybe part of the set from the scrap sheet metal inside the window. When we can do this we will use this technique to help save you money on material.

Gallery - CNC Bending sheet metal components


CNC bending sheet metal work

CNC bending sheet metal

CNC Bending - Audios speaker cabinet mild steel sheet metal fixing bracket.  CNC punched and CNC bent using Trumpf equipment and manufactured in batched of 100 to 200 off.

CNC bending sheet metal brackets, angles and sections

CNC bending sheet metal

CNC bending - Aluminium bracket, CNC punching, CNC bending, bush insertion and then powder coating.  This little bracket is quite complex with several bends all on slightly different bend lines but easily dealt with by our Trumpf 7036 CNC press brakes.

CNC bending aluminium profiles

CNC bending sheet metal

CNC bending - Aluminium alloy bracket, CNC punching, CNC bending and then powder coating.  All the bends were carried out from one set up on our Trumpf 7036 press brakes allowing us to maintain a competitive price for a relatively small production batch size.

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